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Picnic Wedding Items for Sale

Picnic Wedding Items for Sale

Delia and Jeff are also selling lots of goodies from their picnic wedding that we share this morning! Here’s a list of items that are still for sale in our Recycle Your Wedding section. Perhaps you’re looking for them? Of course you can always put a request for items you’re looking to buy from other brides or event designers that aren’t listed for sale yet.

picnic wedding must hav items for sale

1. Wooden paddle balls escort “cards” and “table” numbers
2. Buttons for guests
3. Galvanized buckets
4. Small picnic baskets
5. Lawn game signs with ground stakes

Also for sale: Picnic blankets / Picnic pillows / Buffet Servers / Cake stands / Card Box / Table Runners

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All photos by Channing Johnson

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