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Italy + France Honeymoon: Packing

Italy + France Honeymoon: Packing

Three weeks ago Matt and I left for Italy and France for a vacation + celebration of sorts and since so many of you are going across the pond for your honeymoon, I thought I’d share a bit about our trip. Hope you find it helpful! Today I’m going to share my packing list. It feels incredibly egocentric to share what I packed, but lurking on Pinterest I found super helpful seeing what others packed. So here’s my turn! We left for Europe mid-September, just when the weather started to change:

packing for Europe

We flew a few times in order to save time while traveling from city to city instead of taking the train, which was another reason to pack lightly. EasyJet’s (the airline we used) maximum carry on size cannot exceed 21 inches in length, and their strict policy charges 50 euros per luggage if needs to be checked (it varied from airport to airport). Flying twice, Matt’s + my carry ons… 4×50 euros = not worth bringing the extra duds. Not to mention the narrow train corridors and the many staircases along the way. You can thank me later for fitting everything in a small carry on 🙂

Bottoms: striped skirt, white jeans, dottie shorts (originally from J.Crew, but I found these ones still in stock and for much less!), neon skinnies and dark wash jeans

Tops: silk tank, black tunic tee from HM, lace top, striped boatneck sweatshirt and emerald green top from J.Crew

Shoes: sandals, nude ballet flats and sneakers

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Layers: cropped trench coat, wrap cardigan and scarf

Best packing tip I’ve read: pack for just one week, even if you’re traveling for longer. I sort of took heed, but next time I’m definitely trying packing for half the days I will be traveling. There are many apartments with washer + dryer, or your hotel can do it for you.

What’s your packing tip? I’d love to hear in the comments! How do you pack for long and short trips, what is your must pack, what do you typically don’t pack that others might…we’re all ears 🙂

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  • I’m amazed at your packing skills and that you got that all in one small carry on! As a girl, I’d love to hear how you carry on your beauty products & which ones you use – that is always where I get tripped up! love the tip of packing for one week. brilliant!

  • When packing beauty products, I try to pack versatile products like coconut oil that I can use as makeup remover AND skin lotion AND mouthwash (research ‘oil pulling’). I also like to pack apple cider vinegar mixed with water because it doubles as a skin toner AND a natural pH regulator and apertif (when taken orally). I always pack makeup removing towelletes…these are a must!!! Whenever I get a chance, I try to save travel size product containers to refill for when i travel so I’m not cnstantly creating more waste. I hate waste. As far as makeup goes…I pack a day look and a evening look. I only pack the products I know will get the most use…the basics. Leave the trendy stuff at home. When packing hair products, I always bring baby powder! It’s my dry shampoo and deodorant. Again, I try to bring products that play more than one role…like conditioning shampoo that doubles as shave cream and body wash. If you’ve never tried that hair shampoo/conditioner by ‘Wen’, you gotta try it!! I try to start my packing list at least two weeks in advance so that I can re-evaluate what I am bringing and improvise if I need to downsize. Hope this helps!

  • Hi, just reading this now. My husband and I are going to France/Spain in mid September as well and I’m wondering if there was anything else you would have packed differently?

    Thanks so much!

  • Recently my boyfriend and I took a much needed vacation. We left florida, went to Georgia. Took a plane to buffalo, N.Y. drove a rental car to Canada, Niagara falls. Continued traveling to NYC for a week, then an Amtrak to Boston’s Fenway park. Traveling by plane, train, subway and car rental. I learned to travel light as possible, there are laundry options everywhere. The main thing is to enjoy your time make the moments memorable. ( I came back home engaged. )

  • I love all the outfits in your pin! What kind of carry-on did you take? I’m trying to decide between a duffle type bag or roller board. I would imagine that it would get tiring to carry a duffle, but they’re also probably more convenient when walking on Europe’s cobblestone streets.

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