We all know if there were a wedding glossary, pink flowers would be under an ultra romantic setting. Hot pinks, on the other hand, can instantly modernize a romantic wedding with a jolt of color. So if you needed proof to your respective soon-to-be other that pink flowers have a modern facet, take heed from Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers. She is not only showing a fresh floral arrangement with pink flowers, but she is also showing the same arrangement done in two ways can have completely different styles.

modern pink wedding ideas
Clockwise from the top: August restaurant, neon pink + kraft stationery, fuchsia dining table, camel pillow

From Sarah Winward: Some flowers naturally look better in certain environments than others, some transform to different moods pretty well. This arrangement demonstrates how the same flowers could be set in a moody and romantic environment, and also a contrasting cheerful and bright wedding. If you see flowers that you love, but that are used in an environment different than the one you are planning for your wedding, consider switching up a few details like the vases and table setting to make it work for your event (paying respect to the season and flower availability, of course.)

Flowers used were: hanging amaranthus, peony, tulip, bush ivy, and festival bush.

hanging amaranthus hot pink wedding flowers

hanging amaranthus hot pink wedding flowershanging amaranthus hot pink wedding flowers

hanging amaranthus hot pink wedding flowers

hanging amaranthus hot pink wedding flowershanging amaranthus hot pink wedding flowers

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Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers is a member of our vendor guide Blue Label

  • the girl has got some skills… fun feature!

  • This is fab, I love the spark of hot pink!

  • They are beautiful – such bright colours.

  • Jane R.

    What a gorgeous combo!?! I love the contradiction between the soft, airy christmas bush and the bold, lazy hanging amaranthus. Beautiful!!!!!

  • Oooh that hot pink is gorge! I think amaranthus makes everything better! Fabulous centerpiece! Thanks for sharing.


  • jonahliza

    i love the pink and those invites! where exactly is that aurora restaurant? it looks beautiful.

  • Hot pink is an interesting choice! Here’s a tip when choosing a centerpiece: Use tall flower centerpieces for large areas as they focus the eye vertically. For smaller venues go with a fuller flowered arrangement, sticking with one or two colors to keep it simple.

  • Masterfully designed! Love the different varieties of flowers!

  • Bethany

    Is that really Aurora Restaurant? I’ve been looking all over the web and the pics of both the Soho spot and the one in Williamsburg don’t look anything like this. Any confirmation on the name and location of the restaurant in the first pic?