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Bridesmaid Dresses: Modcloth

Bridesmaid Dresses: Modcloth

Moving on to darker muted tones, and we’re headed to dressier bridesmaid dresses…

Muted blues and greens:

1. Floating Petals Dress / 2. Astonishing Aqua Dress / 3. Sea Lily Dress / 4. Morning Hour Dress / 5. Budding Ambition Dress / 6. Faerie-st of Them All Dress

Amethyst jewel tones:

1. Blooming Belle Dress / 2. Fountain Fixture Dress / 3. Jewel Look Fab Dress / 4. Royal Reef Dress / 5. Polished in Plum Dress / 6. Lilac It Like That Dress

Blue, slate gray and black:

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1. Best in Classic Dress / 2. Enchanted Florist Dress / 3. Pewter Charm Dress / 4. Just for Starters Dress / 5. Heirloom Silver Dress / 6. Dress Up Date Dress

Check back soon for our cocktail and formal bridesmaid dresses picks!

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  • I am getting married April 30th. We got three of five bridesmaid dresses from Modcloth (one pregnant maid and one plus-size maid ordered from elsewhere). We ordered eight different dresses in various sizes, kept three and sent five back. The returns process was smooth and their customer service is awesome! The girls are all excited to have something they really can wear again after the wedding… HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  • Adorable. But is it too much to ask for bridal wear with sleeves? Not every bride likes to expose her arms. Just venting my frustrations. Love your blog.

  • Does modcloth ever do sizes other than SML? I’d love an XS for the rehearsal dinner.

  • I love the darker tones in the dresses for this season- every Bride I talk to is saying that there will be darker dresses. I am so excited to see what the trend looks like for 2011, and to see some bright florals on dark dresses on the ladies. I think it looks so swanky, even for summer day time weddings. My favorite is number 3 from the purple collection, personally!

  • I love modcloth!!! I wish I discovered that store before getting my bridesmaids dresses. Such a great find for a great price. =)

  • LOVE this blog! It is so great! I have been searching Modcloth for bridesmaids mix/match style dresses the last few weeks and love their dresses!! I am looking for 5 different yellow dresses and having a hard time. Any ideas?

  • I’m getting married in September and am looking to have a vintage americana feel… with toned done reds, blues, and white/cream colors. I’m having a really hard time coming up with good mix and match bridesmaid dresses that fit this theme – I really don’t want to do all the same dresses, and I don’t want it to look like a cheesey uncle sam theme. Will you do a spread that incorporates those colors/theme? 🙂

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