Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding

What isn’t to love about a wedding inspired by all things starry and celestial? The newlyweds in this wedding, sent to us by Kelly Kollar Photography, wanted their wedding to incorporate a love of the night sky and Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” a vision which translated into a reception full of hazy pastel colors, numerous chandeliers and pointed stars, and plenty of whimsical touches.

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From the bride: Our friends and family were an important consideration in many aspects of our planning. In trying to make the experience as pleasurable and otherworldly for them as for ourselves we settled on two major themes, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Cosmos. We wanted to combine the feminine, enchanted, light-hearted, whimsy of the play with the more sophisticated, edgy, celestial, all-encompassing feeling of the night sky. The imagery and materials used to achieve this centered around flowers, multi-pointed stars, antique prints, star charts, chalkboard, reclaimed wood, theatrical drops, chandeliers, and mercury glass. The color palette was soft pastels and bright jewel tones, balanced with chocolate browns and black.

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artist wedding ideas

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Since summer is our favorite season and our wedding was to be a midsummer night’s dream, we chose the end of August, with warm days and cool nights. Trees are nature’s cathedrals so we knew it had to be an outdoor ceremony. A shady grove of elm trees on site was the perfect spot, our friend and local tree guy, Kevin Corti, trimmed all the dead branches from the October storm. To make it feel more enchanted I grabbed a stack of eggshell white card stock and enslaved family and friends to hours of cutting, punching, and stringing thousands of paper flowers. The end result was ethereal, surrounded by loved ones, the soft breeze caught the flowers and let them fall gently around us. Our friend Kat of Kat Wright & the Indomitable Soul Band sung vocals for Gillian Welch’s “Dear Someone” accompanied by our friend’s band the String Fingers.

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artist wedding ideas

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When choosing bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen clothes we wanted each to represent and be chosen by the wearer. The girls chose their favorite color from a palette I provided, the only criteria was that it was a solid color, had texture, and was out of a light, floaty material, such as silk or tulle. The groomsmen were asked to wear colors from a different palette, but were able to chose what pieces they liked best, from thrifted Brooks Brothers vests to Allen Edmond wingtips. The wedding dress, like my mother’s was Priscilla of Boston. After going to several bridal stores and turning up empty handed, on a whim, we tried a different approach. A few of my girls took me to Boston where we wined and dinned all night, waking up to wait in line for six and a half hours at their warehouse closing sale. It was worth it, I bought the dress and veil of my dreams, yards of English net and lace. Not only was it a fraction of the retail price but I have the wonderful memories to go with it. I love the romanticism of old wedding photographs, the delicacy of the brides lace dresses and veils was inspiring to me.

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artist wedding ideas

We built many pieces of furniture and props for the wedding. My favorite being the paper moon my father and Matt made out of plywood which I then giddily covered with handfuls of German glass glitter. A word of warning, but to my slight satisfaction, the glitter was everywhere and on everyone. The cloudy backdrop behind the moon was painted by my friend and bridesmaid Cristina and myself. For a final touch we hung metallic paper stars that we cut and folded. Cristina also drew all the chalkboard signs and artwork. Throughout the gallery, where the dinning room and dance floor was set up, I hung more stars, quotes in antique frames, and giant flowers I made out of dyed tissue paper, coffee filters, and q-tips.

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We also built a bar, six pub tables, and five coffee tables out of reclaimed wood and fabricated steel legs, we now sell them full time on our Etsy shop, New Antiquity. Several family members helped set up tables, string lights, place flowers, table cloths, and sea foam green napkins. Each table was named after an August constellation, I designed and made the table signs using vintage metal frames and antique artwork. The favors were clear rock candy placed on index cards, mimicking a scientific specimen, each was printed with a carefully selected quote. Looking back we couldn’t have done it without the help, love, and support of our friends and family. Having their hand in it as much as we did made us feel cherished and connected. They really did help make our fairy tale come true.

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artist wedding ideas

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Wedding Location: New Fairfield, CT / Photographer: Kelly Kollar Photography / Event Coordinator: Paisley Events / Venue: The Sculpture Barn / Makeup: Done by the bride / Hair: Friend of the bride / Cake/Dessert: Made by friends / Caterer: Carl Anthonys Trattoria / Florist: Annabelle Haines of Avant Gardens / Officiant: Bride’s Uncle Pat / Music: Kat of Kat Wright & the Indomitable Soul Band; String Fingers / Contra Caller: Bill Fischer / Wedding Dress and Veil: Priscilla of Boston / Hair Accessory: Anthropologie (refashioned by the bride) / Jewelry: Bride’s earrings designed by Stefan Otter / Stationery: Designed by bride & groom

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  • What a creative theme and they pulled it off beautifully! The bride looked absolutely stunning and her bridesmaids looked gorgeous standing next to her; super creative on the way they were styled as well!

    My favorite part?! The little details through-out the entire wedding that all went perfectly together; from center pieces to the seating chart — absolutely perfect!

    So well done!

  • Aw that 1st picture is so cute! I like the colors of the dresses that your bridesmaids chose.

  • Beautiful weding! So unique and creative, really.

    can you direct me to where the gold twiggy initial cake toppers are from? They are incredible!

  • Hello, I just found your blog and was just wow-ed by your moon photo. I am completely in love with it. I am currently 6 months pregnant and would really like to know where I could order or how I could make the same back drop. Could you provide me with some information? I would love to use it for my baby’s birth announcement.

    • Hi Patricia,
      This is the bride speaking. We made the moon ourselves. If you email me I could give you directions on how to build one, or we would gladly make one for you.


      • I have a 20’s inspired wedding in July. I would LOVE to have the moon as my photo backdrop! Can You share how you made this lovely thing! Truly inspired! Thank you!

  • Hi there! This wedding is absolutely stunning.

    I am completely obsessed with the brides black shoes pictured, I’ve been scouring the web for them or something similar, would it be possible to find out where they are from? They are my wedding dream shoes!! Any direction would be greatly appreciated!!


  • I am absolutely in love with this wedding. So remarkably beautiful.”

  • I love the beautiful details of the wedding. However, I’ve been to weddings where family or friend does the ceremony. It’s a slippery slope if they’re not either public speakers or professional wedding officiants. I sure hope Uncle Pat did well. That’s not always the case.

  • I love your moon photo spot and would love to recreate the effect. I saw below that you might share how to make your own moon/star backdrop. Would you mind letting me in on the secret? I just love it!

  • Wow an absolutely beautiful wedding!!!
    My wedding is coming up and as my dress has a print of moon and stars, I am wanting a themed wedding too 🙂

    I have absolutely fallen in love with your invites! I see that you designed them yourselves. I was wondering, and i thought I may as well ask, would you consider selling the design?

    Thanks – very inspiring! 🙂


  • I nade a moon for my daughters 1920’s engagement party but I’m not happy with how we supported it. How did you mount it?

  • I love the prints for the table signs! Could you direct me to where you found the vintage prints of the constellations?


  • Hi ! Your photo back drop is amazing! Is there any way you can you can let me know how you made this? I would like to make one for my niece’s wedding. I would’t even know how to start. You are so talented to have to come up with this! Thank you in advance!

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