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Right now on Recycle Your Wedding!

Right now on Recycle Your Wedding!

It’s been so long since the last time we shared our favorites from Recycle Your Wedding that a fresh list has been in order for ages. There is a ton of new listings added everyday, so keep your eyes peeled for a good find. They come and go just as quickly! Recycle Your Wedding is a great place to check out before you buy wedding staples, vintage treasures or begin working on some DIY projects. Check out all items for sale here.

For sale:

#001 bridal bandeau #002 vintage perfume atomizers (used as bug spray for guests as seen in this feature, photo by Jonas Peterson #003 vintage sewing machine drawers, great to hold programs or use as centerpiece containers

If you’re a newlywed looking to free up some space in your closets or is getting married soon and will be looking to sell your items, check out the wanted section!

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Wanted items:
#001 mercury glass votives #002 Lazaro sash in gray #003 Seychelles I Do size 7 or 7.5

Have fun browsing!

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  • We’ve been trying to connect past brides with future brides here in our studio in Australia. So many of them have lots of little bits and pieces left over from their weddings and have nowhere to put them, so we share contact details between brides and they can swap and sell some items. There’s even a local face book page where they are doing it down under in Australia.

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