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What’s Your Man’s Wedding Band Personality?

What’s Your Man’s Wedding Band Personality?

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Unique engagement rings are always a good idea. We talk about them endlessly! But how bout one-of-a-kind men’s rings that make a statement as bold as the personality that wears them? We’re shining the spotlight on this topic because boy, are these bands from Joseph Jewelry worthy of recognition. With a treasure trove of 700+ options to look through, we’ve narrowed it down to our top picks by personality type below. So grab your spouse-to-be and take a peek at the totally customizable options they will want to show off forever.
mokume wedding band men
The Adventurous Guy: Black Antiqued Engraved Men’s Band
This polished band of metal gives an artistic glimpse at tech-free exploration with the organic forest motif. Would you believe this depicts an actual mountain range that held significance for the couple?
The Modern City Type: Custom Brushed Men’s Wedding Band
Elegantly structured with alternating panels of triangles and parallelograms, this contemporary ring creates a feeling of sleekness and sexiness. How cool is the slightly squared palladium shape too?!
The Sophisticated Gentleman: Custom Hand Engraved London Blue Topaz Men’s Band
This one reminds us of something Jay Gatsby might wear. Perhaps swapping out the blue topaz for an emerald. But that being said, we can’t get enough of the milgrain beading along the beveled rails. We’d dare to say it’s one of the most luxurious rings we’ve ever seen!
black diamond wedding band with rose gold rails
The Outdoorsy Guy: Custom Men’s Mokume Wedding Band
Rustic, masculine and artistically unobtrusive, this Mokume-gane ring lends itself to being then perfect option for a guy who likes to spend his time in the great outdoors. The natural wood grain effect is achieved by handforging thin plates of different metals that are stacked together. Woah.
The Sentimentalist: Custom Men’s Two-Tone Inlayed Band
This one goes to show how personalized wedding bands can be. Take a symbol that’s significant to your ancestors, or just something with meaning to you, and turn it into a subtle daily reminder you can wear on your ring finger. The infinity chain here in rose gold creates a two-tone effect which is equally as eye-catching as it is significant.
The Eternal Optimist: Custom Two-Toned Men’s Diamond Wedding Band
This one’s for the guy that’s always smiling. With a striking inner rose gold section overlapped by a white gold band, we couldn’t help but think of silver lining! Or in this case… white gold. Love the curve. Love the energy. Love the look!
The Hopeless Romantic: Custom Men’s Engraved Fingerprint Wedding Band
This one hardly needs description. The laser engraved fingerprint says it all! No better way to keep your love with you always than this romantic sentiment.
classic silver mens wedding band with cushion cut engagement ring
The Beach Bum: Custom Hammered Men’s Band
For the guy that spends his days with toes in the sand, we think this hammered + brushed band is the perfect complement to the rising and falling motion of the tide. Not to mention the palladium white gold metal is pretty snazzy!
The Steel Tank: Solid Diamond Domed Men’s Wedding Band
No frills. No fluff. This super cool ring features a domed band of blackened solid diamond, and we think it’s the perfect look for the serious type that’s all teddy bear on the inside (aka John Cena).
The Attention Lover: Carbon Fiber Inlay and Gold Wedding Band
Not a choice for the wallflower, this bold design features a patterned carbon fiber inlay with a bezel set diamond in the center. Plus rose gold rails that would easily catch any eye in the room.
The Life of the Party: Custom Black Diamond and Brushed Yellow Gold Men’s Band
Black diamonds are often associated with passion and certainty, which makes this gem clad band an absolute must-have for the guy who prides himself on charisma, charm and fun-loving humor.
mens wedding band with infinity diamond band
The Computer Geek: Custom Two-Tone Diamond Men’s Band
Platinum and rose gold metals come together in an artistic “circuit board” way in this custom wedding band. Nothing more unique than this!
The Country Guy: Custom Brushed and Woven Men’s Band
If you find your man jamming out to Body Like a Backroad or wearing cowboy boots to dinner, you’ll want to point him in the direction of this concave design with a unique woven pattern.
The Handy Man: Black Tungsten and 14k White Gold Ring
Okay, talk about a ring that can withstand anything. Since tungsten is harder than gold, everyday wear is no problem. That includes the hazards of construction as a hobby or livelihood! And bonus! It’s hypoallergenic, making it a great candidate for anyone with skin sensitivities.
The Artist: Custom Meteorite Inlay Diamond Men’s Band
Featuring a meteorite inlay with platinum rails and 3 diamonds set into the band’s profile, this abstract work of art is edgy, offbeat and perfect for the guy that spends his weekends visiting art shows in the city.
hammered mens wedding band
Leaning towards a style in particular? We feel ya if there are elements about all of them that you like. That’s where the beauty of customization comes in. Not only can you adjust the nitty gritty details like width, thickness or materials, you can work directly with a designer on the overall design elements + feeling with unlimited modifications. They will send you a wax model before making it official so you can give a green light without any doubts. And once it has shipped fo’ free? Lifetime warranty!
So sure, there are tons of options out there for men’s rings. But it’s definitely not something to skimp on! Especially when you have resources like Joseph Jewelry that make it so easy and fun. No matter what his personality type, there’s a perfect fit waiting for him. And yes, pun intended.
classic silver mens wedding band with cushion cut engagement ring
Check out all the options at Joseph Jewelry here, and tell us how you plan to customize!
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