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Frame of Reference

Frame of Reference

My Dad recently told me this great story about a tradition at some weddings in Mexico. Rather than having bridesmaids and groomsmen stand at the alter, the bride and groom select a couple or two they know who they feel best exemplifies a happy marriage. In the story my Dad was telling it was the brides aunt and uncle who were chosen. They’d been married many years and were quite close to the bride.  Had I not already asked my little sister and best friend to be my bridesmaids, I may have seriously considered partaking in this tradition. What a beautiful way to honor those individuals for their lifetime of commitment and let it serve as a lovely example of what true love is all about!

Alas, with that option out, I figure the best way to do something similar is honor the happy marriages that have gone before us.  Next to our guest book we’ll place the four wedding pictures of our grandparents in vintage silver frames. We’ll have to do some attic searching to find a few, but this image below gives you an idea what it could look like. And while my grandparents have  all passed, Daniel (my fiance) still has his grandparents Louis and Doris, married in 1942, who will be there as a shining example of steadfast love.

Keeping in time with the vintage theme, these pictures will likely bring up stories of the couples and other past wedding memories.

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