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DIY Pinwheel Escort Cards

DIY Pinwheel Escort Cards

Pinwheels are so cheerful. Using them as escort cards would look adorable for a Summer wedding! It’s been a while since I made a template for my readers, so I created pinwheel escort card template in PowerPoint. Pinwheel template is 7.5″ wide from tip to tip.

Download template.ppt. I deleted the lines in the template so when you cut the corners there are no black lines on each leaf like in photo 1.

What you’ll need:

– dowel or skewer

– scissors

– pushpin

– hot glue

– ruler

Instructions (from here):

step 1: Begin with any size square. Have fun – mix and match different colored papers, and decorate as you choose.

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step 2: Make cuts in from all four corners, cutting only halfway.

step 3: Bend the marked corners shown to the center.

step 4: Thread a bead or sequin onto a straight pin and carefully press the pin through the center paper points. Continue pressing through the back of the pinwheel, add a second bead or sequin to the pin and press the point firmly into a stick or pencil.

These wrapping paper patterns from Blueprint can be used to decorate the back side of the pinwheels. Download swirly patterned paper (shown on the left) and ornamental patterned paper (shown on the right).

The font I used on my pinwheel is Freeboter Font (that you can also download it for free).

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