Floral Crown DIY

There is just something about seeing a bride in a floral crown that I totally adore. They’re so romantic and ethereal, and look great with virtually any hairstyle. For those of you who are equally as smitten as I am with these pretty head pieces, it’s our lucky day! Audrey of French Knot Studios is here to share an easy floral crown DIY with the steps perfectly documented by Izzy Hudgins Photography.

flower crown diy

From Audrey of French Knot Studios: Izzy and I have been obsessed with floral crowns for quite awhile, so we decided it was high time we made some of our own. FiftyFlowers.com has a beautiful selection of flowers and lots of help for the DIY bride. We selected their white garden roses. I love how closely they resemble a peony but are available year-round and are much more budget friendly. Of course, we couldn’t just do roses, it’s more visually interesting with variety. So I headed to my garden for the giant yellow dahlia and bright zinnias, while Izzy raided my studio and found some pheasant feathers.

floral crown diy

Making floral crowns is really easy, and doesn’t have many rules. The only major rule is to use hardy flowers. The crowns will be without water and on your head, a hot spot, for most of the day. Delicate blooms like sweet peas and ranunculus just won’t be able to take it, and will wilt quickly. But roses, anything in the mum family, dahlias, and zinnias, can all take the heat and lack of water for several hours.

floral crown diy

Start with a sturdy florist wire (about 22-24 gauge) and bend it around your head. I recommend going a little bit bigger than your head, the flowers will take up some room and you want it to sit pretty low. It’s much easier to take up some slack by bending the wire when you are done than to add more length. After you’ve secured your circle, select your first bloom, cut the stem so it’s only about 3 inches long, and attach with florist tape. Florist tape is genius! The tape will stick to either side of itself and won’t become useless if it gets damp. Stretch slightly to get the sticky to activate and wrap it around your stem and the wire. Continue adding flowers and leaves as you see fit. Then tuck in feathers or butterflies, or any other fun baubles you have lying around. Also note, you don’t have to put the flowers all the way around. This enters the world of flower halo and less flower crown. Besides, asymmetry is fun and much easier to accomplish! When you have added enough flowers to your liking (or have run out) simply cover the remaining wire with ribbon.

floral crown diy

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Ruffled Editorial

It is best to make the crown the day you need it, but if it must be done the day before, spritz it lightly with water, and place it in a loose fitting plastic bag or a really big plastic container and place it in your fridge. Ideally your fridge will be absent of all fruit and vegetable matter. The gasses released as these healthy foods decompose is harmful to flowers and will wilt them very quickly. The plastic barrier will help protect your beautiful work. When you are ready to wear your gorgeous creation, be sure you have plenty of bobby pins to secure it properly, these crowns can get heavy. Although flowers in your hair is extremely popular for weddings, Izzy and I recommend wearing them for any occasion. In our case, it was a Monday while running errands. Grocery shopping has never been quite so glamorous! Enjoy making your crowns and we hope you will share your pictures and where you wore them.

flower crown diy

Photographer: Izzy Hudgins Photography / Styling and Design: French Knot Studios / Wholesale Flowers: FiftyFlowers.com (garden roses)

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  • Thank you Ruffled!!!! And hehehe Audrey’s commentary is funny! You do feel super glamorous when wearing a flower crown! I was even stopped by a little girl who said, “Ooooh you look like an angel!!” Made my day!

  • Great topper for a beautiful gown. The selection of flowers came together in a wonderfully organic way. Very sweet, smelling I’m sure.

  • An Awesome article or especially clicks, Congrats! Nice use of flowers as well, from where you purchase it? I always buy bulk garden roses and hydrangea in wholesale from Danisa Flowers.

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