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Eisen-Stein 2020 Bridal Collection

Eisen-Stein 2020 Bridal Collection

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Do you ever get that feeling that you’ve experienced something so magical that words don’t seem to do it justice? We have a sneaking suspicion you’ll feel the same way after viewing this gorgeous wedding dress collection by Eisen-Stein. From wispy feathers to high-slits and illusion necklines these gowns are absolutely stunning with a hint of sexy. The Eisen-Stein 2020 bridal collection has put a whimsical twist to the hottest wedding dress trends that you just have to see for yourself!

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Inspiration behind the gowns from the designers, Yael Eisenberg and Heli Kalkstein: Soar to new heights with the Eisen-Stein Fall 2020 collection. Inspired by the winged wonders, this season features flowy and sleek silhouettes crafted with soft ethereal tulle and custom-made lace. Each gown captures the magical spirit of the exotic jungle while featuring accents of crystal beading, wispy feathers and 3D foliage embellishments. Nude corsets, high-slits and plunging illusion necklines emphasize the sensual style, while silk white designs are mixed in for a classic touch of elegance. A whimsical play on light, delicate gowns, and meticulously crafted designs embody a fashion-forward collection inspired by the true nature of the flying creature.

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Founded in 2011 by Yael Eisenberg and Heli Kalkstein, Eisen-Stein is a luxury bridal brand based in Tel Aviv, Israel. After meeting in design school at the prestigious Haifa WIZO Academic Center during their fashion studies, the two became not only good friends but shared a vision of one day opening their very own bridal design studio. Following graduation, their dream became a reality when they founded Eisen-Stein. Yael and Heli quickly became known for their fresh, original bridal gowns, reminiscent of daring red-carpet designs. Crepe de chine, solstiss lace and intricately beaded tulle, along with embellishments like Swarovski stones, hand embroidery and whispery feathers reflect the designers’ attention to quality and detail. Eisen-Stein offers one-of-a-kind pieces for today’s sophisticated, sexy, modern bride.

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Ok, but seriously on a scale of 10 to obviously how much did you love the Eisen-Stein 2020 Bridal Collection. Yea, silly question! This collections makes it tough to choose just one gown so why not two? Now that you’ve checked off wedding dress shopping from your wedding to-do list, we wanted to share a few wedding hacks that every couple should know about!

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