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5 Must-Know Wedding Planning Hacks

5 Must-Know Wedding Planning Hacks



We know how overwhelming wedding planning can feel and all the unsolicited advice you receive throughout the process. Trust us, we get it. While your list continues to grow, we promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the most magical and memorable day of your life! Looking back at our wedding planning process here are a few wedding planning hacks we implemented and a few I wish that we had!

1. Create a Wedding Exclusive Email Address
This one is probably my favorite and the one I appreciated the most when planning my own wedding. We get so. many. emails each day whether they be vendors, your fav store ahem Target, work emails, and those pesky spam emails no one actually wants. Suddenly your inbox is cluttered and if you’re anything like me and go on a deleting frenzy, you might accidentally delete one that you actually need! So if you create a separate email address that you and your soon-to-be spouse has access to, it will help you focus on one thing at a time AND when you’re married and no longer need it, any additional wedding related emails will be filtered to that address that you can easily just delete. Easy peasy.

Photo by XO and Fetti Photography from this Pastel Wedding Inspo

2. Number the back of your RSVP cards
Many times when people RSVP back to you, their handwriting can be illegible or they’ve completely forgotten to write in their names leaving you to play Nancy Drew to figure out who it might be. So if you don’t want to create RSVP cards with your guest’s names already printed on the card, jut write a small number on the back of the card and voila! Problem solved.

3. Have All Your Wedding Planning Info in One Place
Consolidation is your best friend. When you have a million decisions to make about flowers, transportation, song selections, colors…aka the never ending list, you don’t want to have to look in multiple places to find that one piece of information. We recommend a planning notebook or binder or a digital version to keep everything in one place. Again, simplicity is key so try not to name tabs/folders like “Magenta for ma-gentlemen will be wearing dope tuxes”. Thank you New Girl! If your spouse doesn’t understand the labels, maybe just stick with things like “flowers”, “cake”, “seating chart”. Consolidating everything into one place today will make your life so much easier tomorrow. Trust us.

Photo by Our Story Creative from Styled Social Dallas

4. Create a Memory Box
Often times your wedding day can feel like a blur and it’s so nice to have tangible items along with your photos to look back on. So keep a sample of your wedding stationery, the fabric or paint swatches you used for your colors, a cocktail napkin from the reception and put them with your wedding planning binder. This is not only a great keepsake for you and your new spouse but also makes for a wonderful tool your friends and family can look at if they are planning a wedding too! Share the wealth!

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5. Have Fun & Take a Break!
You and your spouse want to still like each other by the time you guys get married so make sure to take a break from wedding planning every week. Date night should be a no wedding talk zone which is incredibly healthy for not only your sanity but for your relationship as well. We know it feels like there are always a million things to do because planning a wedding takes a village, but have fun and worry about the list tomorrow. Making time for each other is far more important and probably our favorite wedding planning hack!

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography from this Chic Malibu Wedding

While there are lots of wedding planning hacks out there, we hope you find these helpful as they are tried and true. Oh and if you want one less thing to think about while planning your wedding, here are 5 reasons we recommend an all-inclusive resort for your honeymoon!

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