How To Have Your Dream Honeymoon on a Budget

How to Have Your Dream Honeymoon on a Budget

How to Have Your Dream Honeymoon on a Budget

After all the wedding planning while working full-time and still having a social life you deserve a break because you’re a BOSS! Your honeymoon is the perfect time to relax and soak in marital bliss with your favorite person, but weddings can be so datum expensive so that might leave your honeymoon fund feeling a bit depleted. So here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck for your dream honeymoon and sticking to that well thought out budget!

Use a Rewards Card
Do your research to find the right rewards card that fits your current lifestyle and can also provide some great travel rewards you can use for flights, hotels and even rental cars! Then use this card to pay for your wedding to rack up all the points you can to put towards your honeymoon. Let your wedding pay for your honeymoon which is the ultimate win-win scenario.

Know Peak and Off-Season Months
If you have your heart set on a specific destination, then consider postponing your honeymoon until it’s either at the beginning or the tail end of off-season to save a substantial amount on airfare and hotels without compromising on less-than-ideal weather conditions. Traveling during the off-season will also mean less crowds and therefore more room for a romantic stroll around the city while staying in a nicer hotel for cheaper than some of the budget hotels during peak season. Check our some of our favorite honeymoon destinations of the year!

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Exchange Money and Research “Sister” Banks
If you’re traveling abroad there are several ways to avoid ridiculous banking or exchange fees.

1. Exchange money before traveling internationally. With enough advance notice (typically a minimum of 2 weeks prior) you can contact your bank to pick up foreign currency for a small fee. You can also research nearby locations that exchange funds especially if you’re near an international airport. If you have the time, set a conversion exchange alert a few months in advance so you can make the exchange at the best possible time.

2. Call your bank to see if they have a sister bank abroad! This will allow you to take out money while in another country and avoid banking fees that are often applied when taking out money using a bank other than your own. Be sure to ask this question when setting up your travel notice. You can save some serious money, by using these designated banks and avoiding those sneaky fees that can quickly add up.

3. Use your rewards card if they allow for international transactions. There are many cards out there that don’t apply foreign transaction fees so you can use your card while traveling abroad while continuing to rack up points for future vacations. One year anniversary, anyone?

Finding the Best Flight Deals
Use every tool in the toolbox such as Skyscanner or the Hopper app for booking flights, and comparing hotel’s official websites agains and Expedia for the best rate or deal. You can also look at Groupon to see if there are any great deals in the city you’ll be visiting. Your bank or credit card might even offer you discounted activities or in some cases even free such as free museum visits!

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Only Bring Carry-On Luggage
If you’re jumping on a plane, check the luggage restrictions for your airline. Sometimes the first checked bag is free, but if it’s not most of the time a carry-on and personal item ARE included which can save you some extra cash for drinks or can go towards that super fun activity you’ve been eyeing.

All-Inclusive Anyone?
We know that looking at all-inclusive resorts or even a cruise can feel like a lot all at once, and it is! But by paying a large sum upfront will often times provide savings in the end. Once you calculate how much breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, excursions, ect. will all cost it will be easy to see how easy it is to get your money’s worth with an all-inclusive option. Keep in mind that not every all-inclusive option is created equal so make sure to do your homework and read online reviews so avoid paying more than you should.

Use Your Wedding Registry
There are several websites that you can utilize that will allow you to set up a honeymoon fund so your guests can give money to use for your honeymoon in lieu of purchasing a gift such as towels or bedding. Many all-inclusive options such as a cruise can allow your friends and family to purchase specific things like a drink package or money towards an on-shore excursion.

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Stay in one Place
Staying in one place can save you some serious bucks by avoiding additional flights or gas if using a rental car. By choosing a central location as the basecamp for your adventures, you save a lot on lodging and most likely meals and restaurants.

Research destinations and cities where you can take day trips to and from and longer weekend trips if you’re able to spend 2 weeks or more honeymooning. It doesn’t have to be just Europe! If you dream of Maldives, for example, you can stay in Sri Lanka for most of your trip since it’s a short flight away. You get the idea!

Live Like a Local
Living like a local can totally help the wallet. So use the public transportation as much as possible, and if your hotel or AirBnb has a kitchen, cook a romantic meal or two together and save some serious dough!

Pull the Honeymoon Card
Your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime trip so don’t be shy telling anyone and everyone. This can open up the potential for a room upgrade or a free goodies such as a bottle of champagne or chocolate covered strawberries. Of course there are no guarantees, but people love to celebrate love so pull the honeymoon card and make mention of it when booking hotels, activities and restaurant reservations.

We hope these tips help you have the honeymoon of your dreams with the love of your life while remaining on budget. It’s not impossible, we promise!

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