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DIY Tuesdays: Hanging Cranes

DIY Tuesdays: Hanging Cranes

In the Japanese, Chinese and Korean tradition is believed that if you fold 1000 cranes for your wedding you’re granted a life long of happiness and prosperity.

Click here to watch a step by step video tutorial on how to fold the cranes.

To string them together, poke a small hole and thread embroidery floss with a needle at the bottom of the crane bring it out through the point in the center of the crane’s back. Make sure you tie a knot! You can also use beads to keep them from falling off the bottom.

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The colorful cranes used as a background for the wedding cake make the white cake pop and I just love how cheerful it looks!

After the wedding, you can reuse the cranes and do something similar to this and/or make a mobile, via Oh Happy Day.

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