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Victorian Clip Art

Victorian Clip Art

(Baroque banner)

There’s something in stationery with vintage illustrations that allures me. It always looks so elegant and special and I feel I must keep every card or invitation forever. Here you can find free Victorian clip art and other illustrations available for download. Vintage corsets and other feminine items, such as parasols or fans would make adorable bridal shower invitations, for example.

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  • Thanks for sharing such beautiful illustrations. They are so elegant!

  • Hey Amanda!
    I clicked the link above to download the clip art but it said the page is private;(
    Is there another link we could use. We want to use this for wedding programs.
    Thanks so MUCH!!

  • Hi Amanda,
    Id love to download the Victorian frame above but somehow can’t access it,is their an easier way?
    thanks so much

  • Hi Amanda, is there any way you could forward me the link to where you downloaded this from. So beautiful. We are trying to find a high res version of it to use on a wedding invitation.

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