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DIY Dry Cleaners Wreath

DIY Dry Cleaners Wreath

dry cleaners christmas wreath

This will be our first Christmas as a married couple, and I wanted to do something modern as far as holiday decor. I made this Christmas wreath using only a wire hanger and dry cleaners bags. To decorate it I used scrap ribbon, leftover letter stickers and an old glass ornament.

To make this wreath, cut dry cleaners bags in strips (about half an inch). You will be left with a ton of plastic “rings”. Cut the ends of the rings. Fold the strips in half. Cut the fold. Fold in half again. Cut the fold. I did this about 3 times, when the strips were about 5-6″ long.

With the help of pliers, bend the wire to make a circle. Tie the strips tightly together next to each other until you no longer see the wire. Et voila! Plastic bag wreath is done!

You can recycle old glass ornaments by removing the old paint that it’s inside the balls. Simply take the cap off and fill the ornament with bleach and salt. Put the cap back on and shake it. Rinse and let it dry.

To make the hanging JOY inside the ornament, I used leftover alphabet stickers and carefully placed each letter on top of the edge of each other. I did the same thing on both sides so one can read from any angle. With the help with a safety pin, I poked a hole in the middle of the word.

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I threaded the word with a thin fishing line, tied a tiny knot on one side and then threaded again through the ornament cap. Tied a knot from underneath the cap and tad-dah! Floating word ornament is done!

To make the wreath pop, I tied a red bow around the ornament and using a fishing line I tied the ornament onto the wreath. This was the easiest and the cheapest DIY project I’ve ever done!

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  • I also made dry cleaner wreaths in the 70’s but we made pom-poms out of strips of the bags, using a block of wood and 4 nails to stretch the strips over and pipe cleaners in the center. Then they were assembled on a piece of cardboard cut in a circle. Does anyone remember these? I actually made a tree shaped one that was really pretty; but they have yellowed and would like to make another one; but can’t find instructions or the block of wood.

  • great idea, perfect for scouts recycling badges. I’ll try a small one with grocery bags too!

  • So simple, and very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I made my wreath this evening.

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