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DIY String Garden

DIY String Garden

If you loved the suspended garden centerpieces in today’s shoot that Kim Fisher Designs styled, you’re in for a treat. Kim is teaching us how to make her modified version of kokedama, a Japanese hanging planter. These are great for weddings, but the real goodie is that you can take ’em home afterwards. These shot by Anne Photo would look great in my patio above my table. Just sayin’.

Kokedama is a Japanese hanging garden plant, our version is slightly different and a little simpler.

You’ll need:
– plant
– enough natural sheet moss to completely cover the base
– scissors
– strong twine

DIY String Garden
DIY String Garden

DIY String Garden
Carefully remove plant from it’s pot making sure you leave enough soil to cover the roots.You can add a little more soil if needed. Gently form the root/ball soil into a ball.

Place the root ball in the middle of the sheet moss and wrap it around making sure the root ball is completely covered while also working into a ball shape.

Begin wrapping your twine around the moss covered root base- around and around over and under remembering that the twine will be what holds and shapes your plant- don’t worry about the pattern of your twine , that’s part of the charm.

When you’ve finished tie a strong knot and use a long piece of twine to hang, we tied a piece on either side of each plant for balance and extra security, especially when you’re using larger plants like the quince bush.

Care: to water, immerse the plant in a bucket of water for a couple of minutes, let drain and rehang.

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