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DIY Easy Yarn Backdrop

DIY Easy Yarn Backdrop

Continuing with our inspiration today shot by Emily Chidester Photography, Kathryn Godwin made a backdrop that you can make yourself in a jiffy. This faux macrame hanging can be whipped up with extra yarn you have from the mini chandeliers. Captured at the Separk Mansion with florals by Nectar.

DIY Easy Yarn Backdrop

– yarn
– macrame rings
– scissors
– 4′ dowel

DIY Easy Yarn Backdrop
DIY Easy Yarn Backdrop
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yarn diy ideas
DIY Easy Yarn Backdrop

1. Tie a knot joining macrame rings together, wrap yarn several times and create a row of rings.
2. Cut pieces of yarn to double the length of your desired backdrop.
3. Look to Yarn Chandelier DIY step 3, tie slip knots to fill the bottom half of rings across the row. Vary color to create a pattern or color block.
4. Tie rings to a dowel and wrap several times.
5. To suspend rod tie a 2 foot length of yarn to dowel.
6. Divide sections of yarn at the mid-point of each ring and tie with a 12-15 inch pieces of yarn, wrap several times and double-knot on the backside and trim ends.
7. Create a lattice by then dividing each bound sections in half and join with half-sections to each side, repeat step 6 to bind.
8. Trim bottom of backdrop to get a finished and even line.

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Photographer: Emily Chidester Photography / Florist: Nectar / Model: Ariana Clare / Venue: Separk Mansion

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