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8 Unique Wedding Ideas to Add Crystal Energy to Your Day

8 Unique Wedding Ideas to Add Crystal Energy to Your Day

There is a crazy amount of planning that goes into weddings. Whether you’re looking for something small or you want to have a big ceremony, there are millions of details you’ll have to decide on that you may not have thought about before. A wedding planner can help bear the load of the work, but everything will have to be approved by you. This creates a nearly constant atmosphere of stress that might have you viewing your wedding as something to get done rather than a day to make memories.
Crystal Energy Wedding Ideas Love Is A Big Deal
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Details you should make sure to remember are those that will set the mood and tone of your wedding. Little things like the right jewelry will make a difference, but for a bohemian wedding, including crystals in your wedding is a must. They’ll promote the positive energies you want to have throughout the day and they’ll carry that positivity home with your guests. Read on for unique ways you can add crystal energy to your bohemian wedding so when your day comes, everything will look and feel perfect.
crystal wedding cake
Photo and cake by Alana Jones-Mann
1. Make Intention Crystals
Intention crystals are a great bonding activity you can do even on the morning of your wedding. Gather some clear quartz crystals and think about personalizing them for each of your bridesmaids. They can be given in the form of jewelry or even a household decoration. Everyone can charge their crystal with their intentions for the future and take them home at the end of the day.
2. Set Crystals in Your Bouquet
Thinking about what you’re going to hold when you walk down the aisle? Bohemian bouquets come in plenty of different styles, but you can also work crystals into yours. They’ll be easy to hold onto as a memento, whereas the flowers will eventually wilt and need to be thrown out. You can also make yourself a crystal bouquet and skip the flowers for something that will walk the right energies down the aisle with you.
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3. Give Rose Quartz to Your Bridesmaids
Almost every wedding has the tradition where the bride tosses her bouquet over her shoulder and whichever bridesmaid catches it is the one who will find love next. Pass on your openness for love through rose quartz, which is a stone of the heart. It will give each of your bridesmaids a path to love and happiness instead of narrowing it down to just one of them. Give them rings of rose quartz to wear on their wedding finger to hone the stones’ energies even more.
4. Wear Crystal Jewelry
Crystal jewelry is the perfect way to use crystals in your wedding, especially if you’re realizing last minute that you want them to be included. Wear peach moonstone in a necklace to reduce anxiety and bring out the best in yourself. Celestite crystal can work as your “something blue” and it will calm you and those around you at the same time. Simple crystal jewelry will change how you feel without altering your look or costing you too much money.
crystal inspired wedding invitations
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5. Sprinkle Crystals Around Your Cake
Placing crystals where people will gather is a good way to spread their energy without needing to buy a large number. When the cake comes out at your reception, it will look fantastic but might not have any decoration that isn’t on the icing. Sprinkling crystal clusters around your cake will put positive, loving energy around your cake and those who come up for a piece will be surrounded by it.
6. Buy Tumbled Stone Napkin Weights
Having a bohemian wedding means that you probably want as much nature to be wrapped up in your ceremony as possible. The ceremony might take place outside for this very reason, and one of the downsides of that is wind. Don’t let the breeze blow your day away! Tumbled stone weights can be placed on things like napkins or name cards for practical reasons and their energy will give guests wellness and abundance in their lives.
crystal wedding cake
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7. Use a Pre-Reception Intention Crystal
The bride and groom aren’t supposed to see each other before the wedding, if you believe in superstitions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see each other before your reception. Get at least one intention crystal and place your intentions as a married couple into it. You can use it as a decoration in your home as a reminder of your big day and all the hopes and dreams you both want to work towards.
8. Send Crystal Thank You Notes
After your wedding, you’ll be spending a lot of time writing thank you notes to your family and friends. Send some crystals with your thanks! Glue tiny ones on the front of the card as decoration or ship them in a nice vase with your card tucked inside or taped on the edge. Tumbled stones or healing crystals charged with intentions of gratitude will be the perfect way to say thanks in a personal way.
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Harvest Moon Inspired Wedding with Crystals Galore #coastalweddingideas #proteabouquet #boholaceweddingdress
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Having a bohemian wedding gives you the freedom to be more flexible with how you plan your big day. You can make everything relaxed and more free flowing, without the rigid structure of a traditional wedding. But when it comes down to the actual day, it will be the little details that will make the biggest difference. They add up to create the atmosphere and energy that you’re looking to experience and using crystals will be a great middle ground for those two aspects to meet on.
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Incorporate crystals into your dress, bouquet, decorations or even your food display. They’ll set everyone on the right path for their own happiness while decreasing any anxiety they might be feeling. Everyone should have a great time at a wedding whether they’re part of the ceremony or not, and crystals can promote that happiness everyone should have. Think about how your wedding will be designed and see what crystals you can work into it. You’ll see and feel the positive difference almost immediately.
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