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Lush Philippines Wedding With Lilac and Plum Blooms

Lush Philippines Wedding With Lilac and Plum Blooms

Lush Philippines Wedding Lilac Plum Flowers

We can’t think of a better example of a lilac-filled fête than Estelle and Jepoy’s lush Philippines wedding captured by Vital Image Photography and Bamboo Kite Photography. With delicate silk ribbons dancing amidst wisteria tunnels and glittering chandeliers, the visual narrative of the day feels like it was plucked straight from a storybook. If rich purples were the brief for color, then maximalism was certainly the brief for blooms! And both Tropical Blooms Florist and Accents & Petals achieved the desired affect for the floral design ever-so flawlessly. Flowers on the tables, the walls and even the ceilings will always stop us in our tracks, so we have a feeling E+J’s lush Philippines wedding will do the same to you! Brace yourself for a little something called magic.

The couple started as each other’s high school crushes more than 13 years ago. They both grew and learned together and after 9 years (officially) as boyfriend-girlfriend, they finally got married on Dec 18, 2021. What makes the wedding deeply meaningful, highly bespoke and definitely unique? December 18 is their day! It is the very same day that Estelle said YES to be Jepoy’s HS promdate (2009), girlfriend (2012), fiancé (2020) and wife (2021). It will be the same day they will be celebrating forever!

Lush Philippines Wedding Lilac Plum Flowers
Lush Philippines Wedding Lilac Plum Flowers

The motif is lilac and plum with hints of gold. This motif was incorporated in all the details as much as possible. This is the bride’s ultimate favorite color ever since childhood. Her friends even call her ‘purplestar’ (she super loves purple, and star refers to her name ‘Estelle’). In addition to this, all wedding elements and details are bespoke and personalized, having a meaning or back-story why they were used or chosen. Everything was well-thought out down to the last detail. Below are some examples. Further details can be found in the attached excel file. a. The bride wore mismatched shoes (lilac and plum) in line with the motif and keeping that hint of gold via the gold metal leaves at the back of the shoe. In addition to this, the bride’s toenails were painted the opposite shade of purple (see photos). She wore these shoes during the reception. But there’s more. The bride actually had 2 pairs of shoes for her wedding. For the ceremony, she wore laser-cut, plum, leather shoes with their initials at the front (J&E) and a star at the side-ankle part. Both shoes are bespoke, had personalized soles, and materials of which were bought and provided by the bride.

Lush Philippines Wedding Lilac Plum Flowers

The bride wore a full-lace serpentine gown. It had a deep V sweetheart cut neckline with thin straps, a corseted top, low back, detachable tulle train and veil, all in pure white. The bride definitely wanted that hint of purple still present in her pure white gown – so there was lilac tulle placed as inner layers of the serpentine gown. It had dainty and intricate details of leaves/foliage with hints of stars (Estelle means star) and had the date (12.18.2021) and names of the couple (jepoy<3estelle) embroidered at the back of the gown and at the end of the bride’s veil. The bride personally requested the cut, laces and the details herself during the design process with her couturier. She also made sure very light materials were used to minimize the gown’s weight so she can move around freely on her wedding day.

Lush Philippines Wedding Lilac Plum Flowers

Of course, it’s not only the bride’s attire that is personalized and with hints of the motif. The groom’s barong was also bespoke and had embroidery that went well with the bridal gown laces. It also had details embroidered on both cuffs – ‘12.18.21’ on the right and ‘jepoy <3 estelle’ on the left. The back of the collar had a purple heart embroidered on it. All buttons had gold accent. Socks were plum and hanky was lilac with names/date also.

Lush Philippines Wedding Lilac Plum Flowers

The entourage gown color was one of the most difficult decisions of the bride – choosing the exact shade and even buying the actual fabric of the entourage gowns. She loves all purple shades so much that she decided to use 2 different shades as her overall motif – lilac and plum. And it turned out beautifully – the bride super loved this detail! As mentioned, these colors are present in almost all their details as the bride wanted to be religiously consistent with this specific motif. The female entourage had bespoke gown designs also handpicked by the bride. The ninangs wore a plum shade, while the mothers had their own shades of purple.

The couple got married within the University of the Philippines Diliman where they finished college. All venues were within UP Diliman (church at Parish of the Holy Sacrifice, reception at Ang Bahay ng Alumni), and just outside UP’s perimeter (preparation at Balara Content Studio). The bride has been living inside the UP campus since childhood so we could say that this is her ‘hometown’. To add to that, they got married on the same church where the bride’s parents got married 30 years and 6 days ago (Dec 12, 1991). The bride also serves as a lector at this church and this is where she and the groom went to mass since college. The reception venue is the same venue where the bride had her debut 11 years ago (of course, the motif is also purple). The bride and groom also danced on the same dance floor when the bride had him as her partner for the cotillion.

Lush Philippines Wedding Lilac Plum Flowers

Now that’s how you create a dynamite reception space. The mood lighting, the floral clouds, the glitz + glamour… that kiss! What a joy it was to share Estelle and Jepoy’s lush Phillipines wedding with you today. In fact, the sea of purple hues is giving some luxe Croatia vibes! See what we mean here next.

Wedding Vendors:
Bride: Estelle
Photography: Vital Image Photography and Bamboo Kite Photography
Videography: Bethena Aundrea Films
Venue: Parish of the Holy Sacrifice and Balara Content House
Bride’s Fashion: Heleyna, Sarah Oxales Design Studio, Promé & Theüs, mirth&yift, Desino Dulce and La Rosá Novia
Groom’s Fashion: UNIQLO, Iconic Socks, Pierre Cardin and Desino Dulce
Hair & Makeup: Dred Postigo
Floral Design: Tropical Blooms Florist and Accents & Petals
Cake Design: PhoebeCakes
Catering: CVJ Food Catering
Paper Goods: Design & Letters
Jewelry: Karat World and La’ Real Jewelry
Musicians: Quartet Manila and Jholo Cabero
Rentals & Production: 18th.PH and Events Republic
Cocktails: Cocktail Manila

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