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Coupe de Mariage

Coupe de Mariage

Ahh the French and their lovely traditions… As I mentioned in my last post, this past weekend I was back in Charleston with my parents and sister and my fiance’s parents doing major wedding planning. It was whirlwind and after ordering invitations, selecting the menu, choosing the cocktails and enduring a fruitless hunt for shoes I was about as bridal’d out as one could get and just when I was about to lose it my parents presented my fiance and I with this:


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Or something that looks very similar. It’s a Coupe de Mariage, a traditional French wedding present. The idea is the bridal couple drinks a reception toast from the engraved silver two-handled cup.  You engrave it with your wedding date and all subsequent important events like the birth of your children, etc. My parents bought it for us this summer while on a barge cruise through France and it’s probably the most touching gift I’ve ever received and will be cherished as a family heirloom and symbol of our new bond.

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