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Picking Bridesmaid Dresses for a Destination Wedding

Picking Bridesmaid Dresses for a Destination Wedding

dusty blue maxi bridesmaid dresses coastal wedding

Let’s get real for a second. Planning a destination wedding can seem like a lot more than you bargained for at the get-go. You’re bound to have questions beyond the logistics and timeline and you may not even have a second to do the research. So when Tanya Watters, founder of Love Tanya (a stellar online boutique for bridesmaid dresses and separates), wanted to share some wedding fashion 101 with our readers, we said all in! She’s taking over below to provide us with a little more clarity on how to choose bridesmaid dresses for a destination wedding, so if this is one scary item on your to-do list, rest easy now!

dusty blue maxi bridesmaid dresses coastal wedding

I was bitten by the travel bug pretty early on in life so I love the idea of a destination wedding. Beaches are some of the most popular wedding destinations, and with good reason. The ocean breeze, crashing waves, and pretty sunsets are more than enough reasons to plan a beach wedding. So what bridesmaid dresses would be best for a destination wedding? Choosing bridesmaid dresses for your destination wedding can be tricky because there’s so much to consider like the weather, the formality and overall theme you’re going for. Today I’m going to answer all your questions about choosing the best bridesmaid dresses for your beach wedding.

Should I choose short or long bridesmaid dresses for my beach wedding?
If it’s going to be hot, you’ll likely want a dress that’s light, airy and comfortable. Consider short, knee length or even midi length bridesmaid dresses to keep your girls cool in the heat. Shorter styles are fun and flirty and won’t leave you feeling weighed down or overdressed. Plus you can show off a cute pair of shoes!

short pink chiffon bridesmaid dress
Seraphina Short Dress in Rose Quartz Chiffon

short mint tulle bridesmaid dress
Tenley Short Dress in Fresh Mint Tulle

If it’s a little too breezy like Aruba (which is known for its sideway trees because of the strong winds), then you’ll want to stick with a long maxi length. Cool and comfortable maxi dresses will help you avoid a sudden ocean breeze horror story! Plus long bridesmaid dresses flowing softly with a breeze can make some very pretty pictures. Just imagine these maxi dresses on the beach!

long pink chiffon bridesmaid dress
Seraphina Long Dress in Rose Quartz Chiffon

Are sequins too dressy for the beach?
There is literally no reason why you can’t wear sequins at the beach! Sequins are for celebrating and it’s your big day! There are a couple of ways to dress sequins down and make them more wearable. One way is to choose a bridesmaid dress in a matte finish. Our sequin bridesmaid dresses in the matte gold or matte rose gold still give you a hint of glamour without being too flashy.

short gold sequined bridesmaid dress
Portia Short Dress in Gold Sequin

short rose gold sequined bridesmaid dress
Adele Short Dress in Rose Gold Sequin

Another way is to pair a sequin top with a chiffon or tulle bottom, or vice versa. Limiting the sequins to only the top or bottom still allows your bridal party to have a little flair but the contrasting bottom makes it more casual. Bridesmaid separates are a fun way to add versatility to each dress, while still looking gorgeous. Plus your leading ladies are more likely to wear them separately after the wedding.

long navy sequined bridesmaid dress
Kendall Top in Navy Sequin with Keaton Maxi Skirt in Navy Chiffon

rose gold sequined maxi skirt bridesmaid fashion
Evie Top in Blush Chiffon with Chloe Maxi Skirt in Rose Gold Sequin

Which fabrics are less likely to wrinkle during travel?
Sequins are actually great for travelling because the sequins are sewn on tulle and lined with a knit fabric that doesn’t wrinkle. If you’d prefer to skip the bling and keep it lightweight, chiffon is definitely the most popular fabric for a beach wedding. It’s soft, flowy and usually available in every color imaginable. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses make perfect pictures with a gentle ocean breeze, however it’s the one fabric that may wrinkle during travel. I recommend carrying your chiffon bridesmaid dresses in a hanging bag when you travel.

long pink chiffon bridesmaid dress
Seraphina Dress in Rose Quartz Chiffon

Tulle, traditionally reserved for wedding veils and ballet tutus, is another soft, lightweight fabric. Tulle is sheer with an open weave that looks like netting and is less likely to wrinkle during travel. Hanging the dress up right away when you arrive will let the fabric settle and most wrinkles will go away over a short time.

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long navy bridesmaid dresses
Amelie Dress in Navy Tulle

What color palette should I choose?
Warmer weather usually means a bright color palette. Bold colors like red, coral and turquoise can make your bridal party pop against the neutral beach background. Rich and vibrant colors will have everyone smiling!

flirty red halter bridesmaid dress
Sydney Short Dress in Pomegranate Chiffon

short pink tulle bridesmaid dress
Amelie Short Dress in Dahlia Tulle

If you’d rather blend with the scenery, then choose a soft, muted color palette of sand and beach glass. Dusty blue is a trending wedding color for 2018 and works perfectly for an airy, beach wedding. Whether you are seaside or lakeside, soft colors can add a touch of romance and elegance to your destination wedding.

dusty blue maxi bridesmaid dresses coastal wedding

Which ever bridesmaid dresses you end up choosing for your beach wedding, just make sure you take advantage of your beautiful surroundings and go frolic on the beach with your ladies!

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Models: Kalisha Peacock, Andrea Segovia, Micah Gause and Toni

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