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button-ieres – attempt No. 2

button-ieres – attempt No. 2

Just as a reminder, here’s Martha Stewart’s lovely boutonniere:

oh, Martha....

My first attempt can be found here,  along with links to the Martha instructions.

OK, so, this time: I went to a different craft store, and found “floral stem wire” and used that instead of the plain wire, then wrapping it in floral tape. Duh. It was a ton easier to work with AND it looks a heck of a lot better.

Also, the leaves were very easy to put together:

you’ll need

– green fabric (I used linen, and it held together amazingly well)

– fusible webbing

– floral stem wire

– iron and ironing board

1) cut out two 3″ squares of green fabric and two squares of fusible webbing. Webbing squares should be same size or a little bit smaller. You don’t want the webbing to be bigger, it will stick to the iron.

2) Layer: one fabric square on bottom, followed by one fusible webbing square, then stem wire, another fusible webbing, and fabric square on top.

3) Press hot iron on the stack for 10 seconds. Flip it over, press again for 10 seconds.

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4) once cool, cut it out into desired leaf shape.

Ta Da!!

Here’s my Attempt No. 2:

Attempt No. 2

Getting better! I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  The only thing more i need to do is make the boutonniere more sturdy. My friend Emily suggested applying some hot glue between the buttons and the leaf- using the leaf as a base for everything else.  Genius.

Hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!

xoxo – jenny

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