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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. And I hope you are ready for a new year filled with wedding plans and projects!

I thought I’d start my first blog off with a good ol’ DIY project. I saw this in a Martha Stewart magazine from 2007 and instantly fell in love. Button Boutonniere- or as we have been calling them – button-ieres. Yes, we went with the pun. I know.

Anyway, I think the possibilities are endless with all the vintage fabrics and colors you could use.  (Side Note – I am NOT a crafty person. Although I am absolutely obsessed with Martha Stewart, her crafty perfection eludes me.)

So here’s what they are supposed to look like:

Martha's version

What you’ll need:



Floral Wire

Wire Cutters

Floral Tape

Button Kit (these worked well)


Fusible Webbing (more on that later)

the vague instructions can be found here.

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And here’s attempt No. 1:

Attempt No. 1

So…. It’s not quite. We totally forgot the leaf. I knew we were forgetting something. It kind of looks like a bunch a balloons without it. Anyway, that’s where the fusible webbing would come in.

Also, I couldn’t find that nice light green floral tape for the life of me, BUT, I think it looked nice the darker green.  The tape was really the hardest thing to work with. All in all, I spend about $20 and would have enough materials to make 6 button-ieres. Pretty darn user friendly for a “Martha” project.

I’ll be giving you a look at attempt No. 2 next week, along with a more detailed account!

xoxo- jenny

P.S. A big big thank you for all of your votes!

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