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DIY Botanical Seating Chart

DIY Botanical Seating Chart

The plexiglass seating chart from A Style Collective‘s Botanical Inspiration Shoot… pretty awesome, no? Lucky for you (and for us!) we’ve got Kirbi and Tina with us to share just how they made this amazing display. Even if botanical isn’t necessarily your thing, you could use whatever shapes or designs you’d like in between the panels!

Butterfly Seating Chart

For this project, you will need:
-2 Large sheets of identical sized plexi glass (found at hardware stores)
– Assorted dried greenery (We pressed garden ferns)
– Assorted dried flowers (We got ours at a local art supply)
– Cut out printed butterflies ( We got ours at a local art supply)
-2 Letter sized pages of your choice of paper (We used 100# organic paper)
-1 Calligraphy black ink pen of your choice
-1 Hot glue gun

Gather supplies.
Clean the plexi glass to free it from all fingerprints and dust, use glass cleaner.

Butterfly Seating Chart

1. Cut out enough 24 labels from your paper, size them to ½” by 2”, for each artifact used.
2. Evenly space your greenery, flowers, and butterflies on top of one plexi glass
3. Arrange the labels to be centered under each artifact.
4. Glue each piece down with one tiny dot of hot glue, be careful not to smudge. Do not use too much glue so you keep a smooth writing surface on labels.
5. Let everything dry for about 30 minutes.
6. With your pen, script each name and table number in the order you wish. (We did alphabetically.)
7. Dab small dots of hot glue in the very tip of the plexi glass’ corners.
8. Place second sheet of plexi glass carefully on top of the decorated piece to press everything down underneath it.

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Botanical seating chart

9. Clean the outer layer of plexiglass once more as needed.
10. Admire your awesome-ness.
11. Repeat steps as needed depending on how many you need to make for your guest count.

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