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Bows-N-Ties + Giveaway!

Bows-N-Ties + Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love a wedding with a row of well-dressed groomsmen in adorable ties? If you want to guarantee that your fellows are looking as good as the women they are accompanying, Bows-n-Ties ensures that your gents look dapper and just as in-style as your fine ladies! Bows-n-Ties is an online retailer for fine neckties, bow ties, pocket, squares, and cufflinks and they offer matching ties to the bridal colors of JCrew, Alfred Angelo, and Davids Bridal! How great is great? Check out details below for your chance to win ties for your whole wedding party!

After you pick the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids, you can head over to Bows-n-Ties, to find the perfect matching ties. They’ve already done all the hard work of swatching for you, so they can present suggestions based on the colors you’re already working with. Easy Peasy! You can also check out more of their great ties in our previous Bows-N-Ties post!

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One lucky Ruffled reader will win wedding ties for the entire wedding party: groom, groomsmen, ring bearer, father of the bride, etc. (up to 15 ties!). To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment below indicating which tie(s) you would choose for your wedding party + share a little about your wedding color theme and how the tie you picked would compliment it! Winner will be selected at random and announced this Friday, May 11 2012. Have fun choosing!

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  • I would choose the Solid Mens Neck Tie in Taupe-Gray. My colors are white and gold, and it will be a formal event. I think the taupe-gray is an awesome neutral color.

  • I love the striped tie in soft tangerine! Both our bridesmaids and groomsmen are going to be in more neutral tones (brown, khaki, cream, etc) but we’re looking for some pops of orange and green throughout the day as well (in the ladies bouquets and in the mens’ TIES!) This would be a perfect pop of color to our outside fall wedding!

  • I kind of love the trendy silk tie in apricot orange too! (We’re having 2 groomsmen and 3 ushers and I think I want them all wearing different ties! (Our bridesmaids are all wearing different dresses so it seems silly to match the boys when we’re NOT matching the girls) I love the selection of orange options so the boys could pick out what they wanted!

  • I would choose the Classy Men’s Tie in Solid Burgundy found on the Bows N’ Ties website. For my fall wedding I am following a color scheme of burgundy for the bridesmaid dresses and accents of antique gold and forest green. The ties would be a perfect compliment to the dresses.

  • I would either get the “mens tie in solid black” or the “elegant silk tie in black and bronze-gold” for the guys. My wedding colors are black, gold, and ivory, w/an art deco/1920’s theme. My bridesmaids will be in black, so either of these two would compliment them 🙂

  • I would go for the yellow silk tie in lemon and vanilla stripe. Our wedding colors are gray, blue and yellow. The groomsmen are wearing gray suits, and the bridesmaids dresses are blue with yellow bouquets. I’ve been searching for the perfect yellow tie to bring it all together!

  • I just ordered a sample tie from them for our wedding. I love their selection and prices!

  • I love the dark royal blue or the dragonfly blue solid neckties.

  • Omgee. These are fabulous! I would go for the Solid Yellow tie. My colors are grey and yellow, and everyone is using mostly grey, and the pop of that yellow would just be fabulous! 🙂

  • I would choose something in a light green tone. Ties for all the groomsmen and bow ties for our two ushers. Our color scheme is black and white with pops of spring green so this would work perfectly!

  • Bows-n-Ties is such a great website! I love the solid light coral peach neckties as they’ll go perfectly with the bridesmaids dresses & flower accents.

  • My colors are dusty pastels but with graphic pops of black and white. Since the guys will most likely wear grey suits and white shirts, a solid black or back and white polka dot tie would probably go best!

  • I’d pick the Striped tie in Aqua blues for the Groomsmen and the Silk Necktie in Ruby Red for my Groom! Our colors are turquoise and red, love the pops of bright color every where!

  • My colors are light blue (azure/cornflower) and a buttery yellow. I would love to pick blue striped ties so the groomsmen can wear them again! I think we’ll probably use a pop of yellow in the boutonnieres!

  • I looove the gradations in the green swatches. They would work perfect in my wedding color scheme as it is ombre—white-grey-green. (even my dress will be ombre. They guys are wearing light grey suits with brown shoes, so the greens would work perfect to tie them in with the ladies! =)

  • Paisley tie in maroon and black to pop with my vintage romantic color scheme of burgundy, ivory and antique gold.

  • In effort to help my best friend who coincidentally is getting married in August, I am selecting a casual look that not only will allow him to keep his cool…but also be physically cool. The wedding colors will be a plum and silver.

    I would pick a Bow Tie in Lavender-Purple paired with a gingham shirt…with his sleeves rolled. We will see if Casey can deal with a grey vest…

    This would be a huge help!

  • I love the Striped Indigo, White, and Blue Tie. Our colors are colbalt blue and purple, this tie would compliment both very nicely. Plus the pattern gives a nice pop to the guys outfits.

  • I would choose the Gray & Silver silk ties.

    Our wedding will be held at a film museum which was just renovated and the colors are neon pink, electric blue, white and gray to match the museum decor! The ties would be such a fun and playful match to the modern atmosphere and also be a compliment to the geometric shapes that adorn the architecture.

  • Our colours are grey, coral, and robins egg blue with hits of red. We’ve got lots of stripes in our decor so we’re looking at the Striped Tie in Grey and White, or the Classy Striped Tie Grey and Black! Thanks for the Give-away!

  • We’d pick the Striped Tie in lime Green. Our colours are pink and green – think watermelon hues! I love the tie’s subtle two-tone stripes and it would be fab to bring together the mis-matched suits of the groomsmen with matching ties.

  • I would choose the aqua blue tie for the groom and paisley in dark pacific blue for the groomsmen. The groom’s color is meaningful to us for a number of reasons and would compliment my colored accents (shoes, earrings). And the groomsmen’s ties would coordinate with our bridesmaids.

  • I have 8 groomsmen in my wedding party and 9 bridesmaids! I let the girls pick out any dress they wanted (with some examples provided by me) as long as it stayed in the neutral color family (think champagne, ivory, blush, etc.). I think I am leaning more towards having every groomsmen in a different tie that coordinates with the bridesmaid they will be walking down the aisle with. Almost all the ties under the “Champagne Ivory Ties” tab on bows-n-ties website would work for this! They will all have the same suit on so the pop of different ties will look great in pictures!

  • I would choose The Formal Tie in Gold Tan. My colors are white and gold with lots of sparkle, so this would be the perfect way to add some glamour in the most masculine way possible!

  • I <3 the swatch ideas, really helpful for putting together the wedding parties overall look! Our wedding colors are navy & peach, so I'm liking the midnight blue ties with subtle polka dots for the guys. With grey suits, these guys are gonna look so handsome! xox

  • I showed my fiance the Yellow Silk Tie in Lemon and Vanilla Stripe, and he LOVED it for himself and his groomsmen. Our colours are yellow and grey with a rustic fall feel to the wedding. The ties would be a great pop of colour to match the bridesmaids grey dresses, and the country feel of our outdoor wedding. Our fingers are crossed, what a great give-away!

  • I’d choose the Solid Color Necktie in Coral Pink to tie in with our Peaches and Cream color scheme. I think it would be a perfect addition the bridesmaid’s peach and coral dresses!

  • I would choose I green swatches. Dusty shale or the the sage tie on the top right. Our wedding theme is succulents. Cloudy blues, sage greens and tans are our focal colors. Suites are tan, bridesmaids dresses are cloudy blue and men’s ties are sage. I haven’t gotten the ties yet so this would be a great opportunity. The green and blue stripes may work too if the greens and blues we a tad softer .

  • I would choose the Striped Tie in Sage and Silver! We’ve chosen Dusty Seafoam, grey, raspberry and peach as our colors and this tie would look wonderful with our girls J Crew dresses and the guys charcoal suits!

  • I would choose I green swatches. Dusty shale or the the sage tie on the top right. Our wedding theme is succulents. Cloudy blues, sage greens and tans are our focal colors. Suites are tan, bridesmaids dresses are cloudy blue and men’s ties are sage to incorporate all colors

  • I would choose the Black Formal Ribbed Black Self-Tied Bow Tie. It would be perfect for my elegant evening affair!

  • I love the Solid Colored Tie in Dragonfly Blue. Our colors are blue and brown to go with our more rustic theme. These would be perfect. Thanks!

  • Our wedding colors are light green and navy blue. The groomsmen will be wearing gray suits and I think they’d look great with the mint green and white striped tie. My little brother, however, will be standing on the Bride’s side, so he’ll be matching the ladies in the dark navy striped tie. My groom will be sporting a tie that had both colors.

  • I love the Solid tie in Dark Carmine-Red. My fiancee and I are getting married in an old mansion in October. I think the dark red would be a perfect compliment to the old mansion and beautiful fall colors that will be all over the grounds.

  • I’d go with one of the light blue neckties, possibly patterned tonal blue tie. It’d go great with our spring color theme of light blues, yellows, and light greens.

  • My colors are Coral, blue, and yellow- my bridesmaids are wearing coral, and I would like the men to wear charcoal suits and possibly a coral tie. I really liked the Necktie in Coral Red and Gray. I think it would be perfect.

  • Gorgeous ties!

    We decided to go with coral/orange/pink tones for our Eastern Shore wedding in June. All the bridesmaids are wearing mis-matched dresses that they each chose.

    We were thinking it would be cute if all the groomsmen had mis-matched ties in the coral/orange/pink spectrum. My favorites from the site are the orange striped, solid coral reds and, textured pink ties.


  • I would go with the sweet papaya colored ties! They’re so pretty and would work really well with my wedding colors: ivory, slate, gold, and light coral! The maids are wearing black cotton y-neck dresses from David’s Bridal and the boys are wearing dark grey charcoal suits with white shirts. Since the flowers are in tones of white, light green, and coral tied off with dusty miller, these ties would really compliment the whole look.

  • I would choose the solid champagne-cream ties for our 6 groomsmen, for my groom the elegant solid silver tie, for our two fathers the wheat tan and white necktie, and for the ring bearer the formal kids’ silk tie in champagne.

    The bridesmaids are wearing mismatched dresses in shades of blush, nude, and seafoam green, so the matching champagne ties for the groomsmen will tie the look together.

  • My colors are yellow and grey…

    My favorite is the modern paisley tie! Absolutely gorgeous!

  • I would go Designer Silk Tie in Red, Black, Silver since this is our 3 colors!

  • We’re doing a grey and white wedding with pops of color throughout. My bridesmaids are wearing the same grey dress, with different bright colored skinny belts and flats for each. I want each groomsmen to match the lady they’ll be escorting down the aisle, so color choices for ties are super important. Bows ‘n Ties will be SUPER helpful for us. I’d want: the Elegant Striped Mens Tie in Silver & White (for my groom), the Mens Necktie in Moss Green, the Solid Silk Tie in Turquoise Green, the Striped Silk Tie in Orange and Bright White, the Solid Mens Necktie in Light Pink, the Yellow Silk Tie in Lemon and Vanilla Stripe, the Modern Blue Striped Designer Tie, the Silk Necktie in Solid Red, and the Purple Polka Dot Desiger Tie. Phew! You can see why I need tie help 🙂

  • We are going for pink to match the bridesmaid shoes. It’s going to be an outside summer wedding, so hopefully the pink will pop.

  • Our wedding colors are yellow and grey, so I would go with the silk striped tie in lemon and vanilla stripe to go with the grey suits. We are going with a bbq and bluegrass theme next summer in a beautiful historic barn.

  • Were doing a gray and white wedding with lots of textures from herbs and succulents. The bridesmaids are asked to wear any gray dress they choose and groomsmen can wear any gray suit they already have or rent one. I’d like different shades of yellow ties for the groomsmen. I likes the tangerine one!

  • Our wedding color theme is champagne and peachy coral, with some other natural soft hues mixed in. I think the “Festive Cream Color” would look so handsome on our guys!

  • Our favorite colors are blue and green… so we decided to use lots of whites and creams with blue and green ombre colors as accents. We decided that the wedding party would wear different shades of blues and greens from dark to light, so obviously the ties will be a big part of this concept. I love the teal and cobalt ties, as well as dark blue.

  • oh wow – i would have to go for the Trendy Narrow Tie in Black and Purple. my colors are purple with cream and silver and i think this would go fantastically!

  • Navy and red polka dot Necktie! They would be perfect for my June wedding! We are getting married on the beach in Michigan and having a pigroast shindig in a barn…my guy is wearing a navy chino suit from JCrew and a crisp white shirt. The groomsmen are wearing navy pants and vests. My girls are wearing corals, light pinks, and nudes. Love, love, love.

  • I love the Black Polka Dot Designer Tie! The bridesmaids are going to be in grey and black, and the guys are going to be in black tuxes, these ties would compliment out “elegant romance” theme perfectly!

  • THIS WEBSITE IS PERFECT! We just recently decided we wanted to buy the guys all matching navy ties to go with grey pants for a dressy casual look. Our colors are navy and grey, with bright and light pink flowers and accents. The girls will be in navy skirts, so the navy ties would match perfectly! And the one with the pink dots for my groom 🙂

  • We’re doing a gray and purple wedding, and you would not believe how hard it is to find a nice purple tie! Our groomsmen are wearing charcoal gray and I think it would be wonderful to allow them to pick ties that were the same color (violet), but with different patterns.

  • I would choose the bright cyan-blue silk tie for our wedding which includes colors of blue and red as an accent. The groom and groomsmen are wearing gray suits which would accent the ties perfectly!

  • Our colors are navy and cream with pops of burgandy and brown for our fall wedding. The guys and gals will be wearing navy and I’m looking for a tie that has some kind of pattern. I love the navy, white, and red plaid ties. I think it ties in our colors perfectly!

  • our colors are (mainly) plum, ivory, and beige with small accents of navy. i’d pick the solid berry purple neckties for my groom and the 3 groomsmen because they’d match the girls dresses perfectly. the 2 dads would get black striped ties.

  • Not be boring/predictable, but the Black Freestyle Bow Tie is perfection. I am having a Fall NYC wedding, with navy bridesmaids gowns. The classic and chic black bow tie is EXACTLY what we need! Would make for a magical wedding xo

  • Would love the seafoam green ties! Perfect match for my wedding colors!

  • Our colors are dark blue and a lemony yellow and we’re going with a slightly art deco/geometric style for our wedding (sleek lines, geometric patterns, and solid colors). I would use the Striped Tie in Yellow and Navy or a simple dark blue or yellow tie, depending on what the guys’ tuxes look like.

  • Our wedding colors are navy blue, peach and gray, and I am loving the Navy Silk Tie with Silver Polka Dots. Polka dots are my weakness, so this is pretty much perfection. Love this giveaway!

  • We are doing a blue, gray, blush and ivory wedding. I absolutely love their navy blue ties. Not sure if I want to do a striped or a solid one yet.

  • I would choose the skinny dark grey tie! My colors are “nature” (browns, greens, khakis, whites, creams, etc.), and my groom is in a dark grey suit – with the fellas in khakis and a white-button-ups. The dark grey skinny tie would “tie” it all together! Modern, casual, and fun!

  • Hello! We are getting married in September on a 70 acre horse farm. All of our guys will be wearing ties or bowties and suspenders. Our colors are mint green, gray, yellow and sky blue with a dash of burnt orange! We are doing a total DIY wedding all on our own, so this gift to our awesome groomsmen would be such a blessing! Greg and I met at a breast cancer benefit, so something in pink would be great too!


  • Our colors are dark purple and silver, along with black and white. The dark eggplant ties would fit in perfectly and would look great with the guys’ gray suits.

  • I like the Cherry Red and Blue striped ties, the red and blue bow ties, and the silver and white polka dots. Haven’t decided on the colors yet but I love all the eclectic selections!

  • we are planning our colors to match an arizona sunset, and i think the bright purple ties would fit in perfectly!

  • I love the Light Turquoise tie! The “colors” for our wedding are all neutrals, but it would give the perfect pop of color without overwhelming the subtle theme! Also it would match my mint pumps perfectly!

  • My wedding is based off of a vintage Alice in Wonderland book/illustrations. The colors are a variety of faded/vintage pastels and greys. The bridesmaids are wearing grey and dusty pink. The groomsmen will be wearing grey and I want to pull in another color. I’d get the modern light blue tie for the groomsmen and let my fiance wear the solid dark navy. Instead of boutonnieres we are doing pocket squares, so I would love to get the solid navy to match!

  • I would get the solid ties in rich olive green for the groomsmen to match with their grey wool suits and my bridesmaid’s olive chiffon dresses. The groom though, will be wearing their modern striped green and grey tie to set himself apart. All will be wearing the matching pocket squares and the father’s will be wearing the modern moss green striped ties. It will all look fantastic with our ranch wedding!

  • I LOVE these ties and would absolutely LOVE to win! 🙂 My colors are “peacock” – dark purple, green and blue. I haven’t been able to decide what colors to do the groomsmen, but I love the idea of different shades of blue or green, but I am a sucker for champagne.

  • I love all of the ties in this collection! They are so classy and timeless. For our wedding we are going for a rustic/vintage theme with the colors being Navy Blue, Ivory with an accent of Marigold. The bridesmaid dresses are by the Dessy Group and will be in the the Midnight Blue (Navy). For the boys they will be wearing Dark Gray suite vests and pants. The ties I would LOVE for them to have are the Elegant Navy Blue Business Tie. It’s simple but just enough!! For my fiance I want him to be pop out and would like to have for him the Striped Silk Tie in Navy & Silver! He is a teacher and loves to dress nice, so I know he would continue to wear this tie long after our wedding and remember our special day as he wears it!

  • Our 10-11-12 wedding’s theme is an autumn-woodsy-chic mixture. Our colors are mocha brown, gold, and burnt orange. IF I were to win, my fiance would wear the solid champagne-cream tie in order to match my champagne colored dress. Our groomsmen would wear the brown ties, like the solid colored tie in mocha brown to match the bridesmaids velvet brown dresses, and our ring bearer would wear the solid espresso brown bow-tie. He is a humungous german shepherd and will be walking our other dog/flower girl down the aisle. These ties would mesh well with our wedding because they are simple but elegant. They would keep the formality of a wedding, but lend themselves well to the relaxed feeling of our rustic location. Thank you for your time and consideration. Jasmin Russell

  • I love the Solid Light Brown Necktie – we don’t really have a palette, but we’re going for naturals and I think this would be a lovely combo!

  • I am going to have my groomsmen and bridesmen wearing different ties, but from above I really like the papaya and dusty shale colors!

  • Oh! I love this, it’s so fun to see colors put together. My bridesmaids are all wearing variations of Coral dresses so for the groomsmen I would love to have two of each Coral tie (Sweet Papaya, Deep Coral, and Bright Guava). My groom wants to wear teal so the Fresh Emerald tie for him and for the fathers & siblings (7) the Vivid Poppy would be a perfect touch!

  • My groomsman and I would totally rock the silver & grey ties

  • Oh my goodness– so beautiful. We’d go with the burgundy range! The groom & groomsmen are wearing KILTS (!) and the bridesmaids are wearing burgundy dresses of various styles. I’m smitten with the bow tie! Ours is a Christmas wedding, so the deep reds and greens will be throughout.

  • I love the grey striped mens tie! My colors are all over the board 🙂 but I think the grey would compliment it nicely. The girls will be wearing purple, but I know my fiance wouldn’t go for that! 😉

  • I LOVE the green ties! This is exactly what we’ve been looking for. My fiance and I are getting married on the beach in NC next September (2013) and keep bouncing back and forth with emerald green and sea-glass green. Seeing these great colors makes it harder to decide!We got engaged on St. Patty’s Day so green is near and dear to our hearts <3

  • I would choose the green patterned tie on the top right. Our colors are “vintage aqua” and champagne, for an outdoor vintage/rustic wedding. My bridesmaids are wearing J. Crew dresses in “Dusty Shale,” and our tuxedo shop is having a tough time matching my those dresses! The dads will wear champagne ties, my groom will wear an ivory tie, his groomsmen in a “vintage aqua” or dusty shale, and our twin 2 year old nephews will be ring bearers… in dusty shale or no tie at all. We can’t wait!

  • I would pick the bright guava color ties becuase they would match the color of the bridesmaids dresses from David’s Bridal. Coral has been one of my favorite colors for years so it was a no brainer what color I would pick for the wedding color scheme!

  • My hubby would look rather dashing in the bright guava delight. Living in the UK we have found it so difficult to pick the right colour to match the Cath Kidston bridesmaid dresses we’ve bought for my lovely maids! This colour matches our peach/coral colour scheme xx

  • I’d go with the Graphic Tie in Tan and Navy. Our color theme is pretty loose. My girls are choosing a navy dress they like and the guys can choose any medium grey suit. Rather than be super matchy matchy, it was more important to us that everyone is wearing something that they are comfortable in and that they like. Plus, we love our bridal party for each of their own unique styles and personalities – why not let them show it? Because the dresses and suits are all going to be unique, we are going to tie everything together with matching ties for the men and the flowers for the women. Winning a set of ties would go a long way in helping us look coordinated, not crazy! Thanks for the great give-away!

  • Absolutely love these colors! Our wedding colors are deep purple (kind of eggplant/plum), with burnt orange and maybe a splash of green. I’m thinking about having the Best Man have a different color tie…probably the Bright Dahlia of the purples for the groomsmen, and fresh emerald for the Best Man? I love all three of these colors…wish I could combine them all! Maybe the ring bearer can have a coral tie…like Vivid Poppy. That would be perfect!

  • Since we’re having a down home Oklahoma wedding that’s almost all DIY and based on autumnal colors, I would choose the Solid Amber-Orange silk tie for my husband-to-be, the solid chocolate brown tie for my brother-in-law, the the dark orange tie with repp texture for my brother-in-law-to-be, and the solid rich olive green tie for our friend who is flying in from his home in Mexico just to be a groomsmen. All of those colors would more or less match my bridesmaids’ dresses without being too matchy matchy. And for my dad, I’d like him to wear the dark green designer tie. He needs some more funk to his life.


  • I would choose any/all of the ties in the mint green colors! We have had such a hard time finding ties as I’m trying to get them to be perfect, but I have now realized that perfect is having them all be different! We have created the groomsmen’s outfits from Express, American Apparel, and Sanuk (for the shoes) for them to be wearing gray suspenders, gray pants, gray shoes, and white button up shirts, while my bridesmaids will be wearing any graphite colored dress in silk chiffon from J.Crew. Our wedding colors are coral, mint green, and gray and I truly can say that I am so obsessed with them right now! Our wedding is in my finace’s backyard (where I got engaged!) and with a “summer wedding chic” look.

    Needless to say, I love the idea you have given me with the ties. Thanks!

  • I would choose the Trendy Lime and Navy ones for the groomsmen. They are wearing grey vests and navy slacks, and my girls are wearing green, so that would coordinate well.

  • I would pick something like the Mens Tie in Pear Green and Navy. Our wedding colors are Navy, Green, and grey. Our wedding is outside in August so I am sure they will not wear them the whole time!

  • since my bridesmaids are all wearing different dresses in the same color (aubergine), I’m going to pick 6 different ties for my groomsmen to wear. The ties with dark lavender in them match perfectly!! I think that having the same color, but different patterns will help the vibe of my laid-back wedding 🙂

  • OMG! These ties are super cute, they make me think of all of our options for our groomsmen!

    Our bridesmaids are wearing dark blue dresses, and our single groomslady is wearing navy. We wanted the guys’ ties to really punch, they are wearing blue chinos, grey vests and plaid shirts. I really love the vivid poppie tie but I KNOW my future husband well enough to know that might not fly! 😉

  • I wouldn’t choose one tie, but 7 different orange ties. We are getting married on June 21st (yes, I know it is a Thursday) and our colors are pink and orange. The bridesmaids are all wearing different color pink dresses and the guys will be wearing various orange ties. Finding ties at the mall has been challenging, so I am so glad I stumbled on this post.

  • i would choose the textured tie in soft blue, it’s perfect for our wedding colors! we decided not to choose specific colors but to have a pastel palate, so everything is basically sherbet colors (peach, lavender, mint), and to add some flavor are putting the groomsmen in blue ties. this is the perfect shade 🙂

  • I would choose the light green small checkered tie. My wedding colors are blush and mint green, because those were my grandparents’ wedding colors and my grandparents mean the world to me. My bridesmaids will be wearing light pink dresses of their choice, and I would love for the groomsmen’s ties to be light green to compliment the dresses. Thanks!

  • Our color scheme is lilac, light gold and grey. So it would definitely be one of those colors.

  • My bridesmaids are wearing casablanca blue dresses from JCrew so it would be great to have 8 different blue ties for the groomsmen to wear. What a great way to know that the ties would match the colors of the bridesmaid dresses! It’s hard to find good ties in stores around where I live.

  • I love the golden yellow silk tie and the golden yellow and gray silk tie. our weding colors are grey, yellow, and white. My bridesmaids will have a yellow dresses and the guys will have grey vests, pants, and a yellow tie for a pop of color. We are having a vineyard wedding in Spain in June 2013.

  • our wedding colours are olive green and navy blue, with olive green being the dominant colour. I think Modern Striped Tie in White, Silver, Gray, and Green would be my fav for the groom as i like a bit of stripe or something. we are only having a small wedding party, so there is only one grooms man and i would like him to have a different tie. and i would also like to have ties for my brother and ‘the dads.’ this would be perfect for them all to be individuals but at the same time all fitting together/

  • My bridesmaids will all be wearing different dark eggplant dresses from J.Crew. To offset the dark color of the dresses for our March 2013 wedding all the gentlemen will be wearing grey suites with complimenting eggplant ties. I like the Eggplant Polka Dot tie for the groomsmen and the Italian Striped tie in Lavender for my fiance.

  • I’m obsessed with this site! My country wedding colors are green, with navy blue and light aqua blues. I think I’d pick assorted navy blue ties for the groomsmen, since the ladies are in different navy dresses. But I would DEFINITELY choose the grass green and white striped tie for my groom!

  • I would choose the solid pink bow ties for my party. This would compliment our navy blue and light pink color scheme. The groomsmen will be wearing navy blue suits and the light pink pop of tie will highlight the color scheme and coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses.

  • The striped tie in light turquoise would be perfect for our groomsmen! Our colors are turquoise, green and ivory.

  • My dress is gold and the Dark Gold tie would match it perfectly! The other wedding colors are orange and fuchsia, so I’d mix and match the other ties to fit our palette.

  • I would love to have the Tie in Chestnut Brown for our groomsmen and my future hubby to go with our Winter themed rustic wedding. Our colors are brown, white, and pink. Super Cute!

  • I love the High Style Red and White Tie (even though it looks more coral than red). Our colors are coral, grey and ivory and this site has some great options for the men! Might be fun to mix and match the ties too to go with the mismatched bridesmaids dresses 🙂

  • I am leaning towards the Amber Orange. The wedding is in October and the reception is at a barn that is on a lake and will be absolutely gorgeous in the fall. There is a lantern theme throughout and these orange ties would complement perfectly. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love the striped gray ties, I would choose the wide pattern for the groom and then one of the thinner stripes for the groomsmen. Our wedding is going to be on the cliffs in Jamaica so our color theme is mostly neutral to complement the beauty of the location.

  • I would choose most of the coral swatches. Our wedding’s color scheme consists of coral & silver/gray. The girls’ dresses are coral & the guys are wearing gray tuxes. I think that any and/or ALL of the options in the coral swatch would work wonderfully!! 🙂

  • I choose the High Style Red and White Tie (SB2553)! I love these ties. The colors of our wedding are two shades of red which are cherry and burgundy, and purple. 4 girls are wearing a wine color while the other 4 are wearing a brighter red. i think it will look wonderful! These ties would make the perfect addition to the dresses!

  • I would choose ties from the Black and Silver sections! I love the Black Foulard Pattern Tie by Designer Chevalier!

  • This one I would leave up to the groom! I guess I have to give him a little responsibility, right? But our colors are gray and pink so he’ll have to stay in those color schemes! 🙂

  • Our groomsmen are going to wear ties in the purple/berry/magenta color family. I am a big fan of the Bows-N-Ties website! LOVE that they have made it so easy to coordinate with the bridesmaids dresses.

  • Our colors will be green and white, I would choose the solid and textured organic green tie.I think. Although I could see a number of differnt option but it would be from the light green collection for sure. We are getting married in Seattle and having a DIY wedding, every little bit will help, and what a start to an amazing wedding to have these fabulous ties.

  • So many ties, so little time 😉 Our colors are pale peach, charcoal gray and white but I would love to throw a little pop of color in the mix with navy blue ties on my boys. I think they’d look so handsome in their charcoal gray suits, white button downs, navy ties (possibly a few coordinating yet different patterns) with a single anemone flower pinned to their lapel!

  • I am having a very vintage floral patterned wedding so I would choose an eclectic mixture of bowties, to match our wonderful suspenders and shorts for the men of the bridal party! I would chose different colors and different patterns to make it all work.

  • Had a peruse of Bows-n-Ties website, and definitely loved the solid lavender tie the best. Simple and stylish, and would compliment our bridesmaids dresses, which are in light coral pink. I love the idea of having white rose boutineers with piece of lavender peaking out behind the flower, and think that’d work very well with these ties. We’re aiming for a French-vintage feel to our wedding, with lots of pinks, purples and whites, and sweet peas, roses and lavender everywhere 🙂

  • Since I have wedding dress with purple flowers i would choose different purple ties, the 4 different purple matches perfectly the colors that i have in my dress it would be a perfect match. And my 3 bridesmaid have dress that is spiced wine color. It is so perfect that i found this website. thank you

  • We are having a military wedding! so half the g-men will be in uniforms, but the other half need to look just as dapper! I love the gray/silver ties in solid but also the stripes…maybe a couple different patterns. our color scheme is white, ivory/cream, gray and pops of blush/peach – and I cant wait!

  • We are having a military wedding and half the groomsmen will be in uniform, but the other half need to look just as dapper! I love the solid gray/silver ties, but also the white and gray striped one, maybe i would do a couple different patterns, some for the gmen, some for my brothers who are reading and ushering. our color scheme is white, ivory, gray and pops of blush and peach – and i can’t wait!

  • Our wedding date is September 8 and is on a farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee. It will still be quite the summer feel outside so we have chosen peach and moss for our warm weather wedding. We have a fabulously large party of nine bridesmaids and eight groomsmen. So to keep things light and airy the girls are in peach silk chiffon and the fellas are in tan suits. So we would love to pair it with the peach/apricot tie. Between the lovely country setting and my passion for all things glam, our wedding is going to be a Ruffledblog’s dream.

  • I would pick an aqua/yellow combo for the guys. I want to mix the patterns/colors… I believe in unique expressions. I want my bridal party and groomsmen to have individual looks. My theme is pink lemonade picnic. Sweet, sour…. Girly, masculine… It’s the contrasts in life that show us beauty.

  • LOVE all the ties! I would choose the purple ties because our wedding colors are going to be purple and grey! We are getting married December 15, 2012 in MIchigan. Yes, a winter wedding! But have no doubt, it will be colorful and elegant and the ties will compliment it SO well. The main thing I need help with is color coordinating the different shades of purple. My bridesmaids will be wearing all different shades of purple also to match the men. The men will also be wearing grey suits that go with there purple ties.

  • The color scheme for our wedding is a soft palette of gray-blue, ivory, dusty rose, and purple. It is September 30th in Rockwood, PA on locally-owned piece of land (173 acres) that holds an early 19th century barn. The bridesmaids dresses are Once Upon a Time from Alfred Angelo and I am thinking that the Light Blue Men’s Silk Tie would compliment the dresses quite nicely! It’s so hard to choose when there are so many beautiful styles and patterns. I love the subtle check in the Light Blue Silk and I was leaning more towards a pattern than a solid.

  • The tie that my fiance fell in love with is the Italian Striped Necktie in Modern Burned-Orange. Seeing that he and his boys are going to be the ones wearing them, I let him decide. 🙂 Our colors are burnt oranges, burgundys and golds. The bridesmaids are wearing burgandys and golds, so also the burned orange will play nicely with the dress and decor colors.

  • Our wedding colors are yellow, lime green and grey! I would love to have some of our groomsmen in yellow tie sand some in green ties! We are planning a fun wedding in an airplane hangar…My groom has 8, yes, count them 8 groomsmen ( hello mr. popular!), so winning this giveaway would be a fantastic gift for our groomsmen!!!! 🙂

  • The Fresh Emerald tie is the fairest of them all. I am getting married on September 22, 2012 in Atlanta, and our wedding colors are navy, ivory, and, you guessed it, EMERALD! My bridesmaids are wearing ivory gowns and the groomsmen will be clad in navy suits. The emerald ties will be a brilliant pop of color against an otherwise neutral background. Our wedding will be a little preppy, a little romantic, and a little edgy, just as we are. My beloved is British and we are hoping to capture some of the formality and quirkiness of London along with the sweetness and simplicity of our southern ceremony and reception site.

  • I am picking the vivid poppy because my wedding’s color is red and white. I am wearing a crystal-encrusted tiara with red and white. And my bridesmaids are wearing red gowns and groomsmen are wearing red ties. And the groom is wearing red tie with red vest under his tux. So, it should be a red affair with my bouquet being red and white with red roses petals on the floor and stuff.

  • My wedding colours are grey and orange, so I definitely am in love with (from the website) Solid Tangerine Orange Necktie and Bright Orange Bow-Tie! My bridesmaids will be wearing grey with orange bouquets, and the orange-hued ties would fit in beautifully.

  • My wedding colors are grey, purple and olive green. I would go with the solid mens neck tie in taupe-gray for the groomsmen and best man and then the solid berry purple necktie for my fiance (because he loves color).

  • I would choose a patterned tie in the color of ‘sweet orchid’! Our wedding colors are lavender/lilac, green and grey. We’re doing a vintage/rustic themed wedding 🙂

  • Our wedding colors are blue and white (but not in a nautical sense). It will be an outdoor ceremony and fairly casual, so the groomsmen will be in pants and white shirts, no suit jacket. I love the “Modern Striped Mens Tie in Blue and Black” or the “Modern Blue Striped Designer Tie”. I’m thinking maybe my fiance will have a different tie than them, maybe the “Mens Tie in Egyptian Blue”.

  • I would go with the “Men’s necktie in navy and white” to match the navy dresses that the bridesmaids are wearing. We are using an entire palette of wedding colors (navy, blush, champagne, ivory, peach) and I think these will pop next to the soft shades.

  • My wedding pallet is mint green, blush/coral pink, and ivory. We are doing a vintage themed wedding in Israel this fall. My bridesmaids are going to be in pink and I would go with the elegant silk tie in mint green for my husband to be and his groomsmen. My fiance has green eyes so mint would look great on him!!

  • I would choose the coral swatches because those are actually the colors we are using at our wedding! We are having tan tuxes, brown bridesmaid dresses, and soft pinks and coral colored flowers!

  • I would choose the Purple tie with the flowers on as my dress is made by a company called Forget me Not so the tie would be in keeping with my dress. I am looking at lilac and purple to compliment the champagne colour of my dress. Our wedding will be in a really quirky venue so the tie looks fun and cool at the same time – which will be the aim of our day

  • Peach! I love the peach ties and I’m thrilled with the wide selection you have. All the different options. It’s like willy wonka’s factory only with ties!!!

  • We will be having our five blonde grand daughers all under age 4 as flower girls…all dressed in peach princess dresses…of course all the men and groom must match the flower girls!

  • Love love love, the vivid poppy and the navy blue. My husband to be’s suit is navy blue and pink,peach and yellow are the bridal colours. You have no idea how hard it’s been to find that shade of pink. Love it.

  • We like the solid red necktie with subtle stripes. The option to sort Wedding Ties by color swatches is pretty amazing! We are thinking of going with JCrew bridesmaid dresses in Vivid Poppy, and this tie will not only coordinate perfectly, it’s also totally my fiance’s style! We’d choose groomsmen’s ties from the same palette – either a matching tie, or ask them choose their own like we asked our bridesmaids to choose their favorite dress style.

  • Hope I not too late to submit! We love the look of a yellow and white stripped tie so either the ‘yellow silk tie in lemon and vanilla’ or the ‘yellow and white striped tie’ would go perfectly with our combination. The color theme is a darker gray/pale yellow and a peachy/pink combo. I love how the yellow will pop against the gray suit.

  • Mnay of the shades of purple would match PERFECTLY with the bridesmaids dresses!

  • I’m the maid of honor for my sister’s wedding and the bridesmaids are all wearing different style dresses in the same color (aubergine), My sister will pick 6 different ties for her groomsmen to wear. The ties with dark lavender in them match perfectly!! I think that having the same color, but different patterns will look fabulous for my sister’s wedding!

  • Nick and I are planning an vintage, Old Hollywood-themed night in an art deco ballroom from the 1920s, complete with a Grand Paige getaway car and a wedding dress with a feathered bodice. Our color scheme is a classic black & red palette, with ivory and gold accents throughout. The men will be in slim-fitting black tuxedoes, my handsome husband-to-be in the Solid Red Mens Tie, and the groomsmen in the White and Black Dotted Necktie with black vests. The tiniest members of the wedding party–two ringbearers in dapper suspenders–will wear the same red tie as my husband, and the three ushers and three fathers will the Formal Black Designer tie. It is going to be a fashionable wedding party to remember!

  • I’d love the Navy Polka Dot tie for my groom and the solid blue ties for the groomsmen. I’m having a secret garden themed wedding. My colors are royal blue and poppy. We’re having it at an historic venue called the Hermitage Museum & Gardens in Norfolk, VA.

  • We are doing Pool colored ties and bow ties for our wedding June 15,2014. It is a LEGAL wedding in MAINE!!! Whoot Hoot! The Brides maids dresses are Pool blue…the Grooms people are wearing Kaki pants, white shirts, pool ties. We are getting married on the sandy beach in Old Orchard Beach surrounded by our family and friends!! We are 50 something brides who went to high school together. We followed different paths and reconnected 30 years later! It will be a joyous day! <3

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