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Astoria Road: the Pinterest of Wedding Registries

Astoria Road: the Pinterest of Wedding Registries

Within the last year or so, Pinterest has exploded into this wonderful space where people are able to share photos and info of all kinds. With a good chunk of it being wedding related, it’s pretty tough to log on without seeing ideas for bridal gowns, hairstyles, floral designs and even table settings from brides (and want to be brides) around the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if something like that existed for a bridal registry, too? Well, look no further because that is exactly the experience you’ll have with Astoria Road.


Astoria Road allows brides to view and “repin” gifts from other registries to get inspiration and set up their own registry. With an easy to follow format, it feels just like browsing Pinterest.


Astoria Road is the first universal registry that is both fun to look at and use. Couples will feel proud to share their registry with their guests and can add any gifts from any store in the US. And, because you can browse by category, it is super simple to find exactly what you want. With an easy checkout process, no one will ever be redirected to other stores to complete the checkout. On Astoria Road, the whole transaction can conveniently be completed right there on the site.

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Check out Astoria Road and view Ruffled’s registry picks here.

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  • I registered for Astoria Road and I love it! Beautiful, addictive like Pinterest and easy to use. The only problem is the shipping fees are really expensive. I am registered at Sur La Table and shipping is free for items over $50 if you go directly through SLT, yet on Astoria Road the shipping + tax was $29 on a $100 item !

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