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DIY Lace Necklace

If you love DIY and if you love jewelry, this project created and shot by June Lion is just for you. An easy DIY that you can wear it on your wedding day, honeymoon and will quickly become the darling go-to in your closet. You can make them as gifts for your ladies, and customize each design for them. Sounds like an all around winner, yes? Let’s get to it:

DIY lace necklace

For this project, you will need:
- scissors
- heavy lace (can be found at fabric store, usually at a bridal counter)
- thin necklace chain
- thin jump rings (needs to just fit through your chain)
- wire cutters
- pliers
- needle and thread
- jewelry clasp

1. Cut fun shapes out of the lace and spread them out.

diy doily necklace

2. Play! Make different combinations to see what looks good. You can just lay it on the chain to help visualize.

diy doily necklace

3. Sew pieces together if you want to make new shapes.

diy doily necklace

4. With your pliers, open the jump ring, put one end through your chain, the other end through your lace. Attach one side, put the chain around your neck holding up the necklace to see how long you’d like it. Cut the chain to desired length using the wire cutters. Once both sides are attached you can just find your center, and cut the chain.

diy doily necklace
DIY lace necklace

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5. Attach your jewelry clasp and you’re done!

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