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Sit tight, because we have several entries to share today! Nicole made a bird’s nest ring pillow for her own wedding.

birds nest ring pillow

birds nest ring pillow

What you’ll need:
– Any size grapevine nest (I used 5″)
– Sheet moss
– 15″ length of thin ribbon
– Plastic eggs, silk flowers and feathers if desired
– Craft glue
*All items commonly available at most local craft stores

birds nest ring pillow

birds nest ring pillow

birds nest ring pillow

diy birds nest ring pillow

Most grapevine nests have some wire wrapping for stability, but if yours does not, loop a piece of wire up through the bottom and back down, flattening it on the bottom, to leave a small loop on the inside. You can even use a paperclip for this if you have no wire on hand. Tuck one end of your ribbon through the loop inside the nest and set aside.

Step 1. Cut a square of sheet moss larger than your nest, then trim into a circle that fits snugly into your nest. Using a craft knife, cut a slit in the sheet moss and feed both ends of your ribbon up from the bottom.

Step 2. Cover the back of the sheet moss with craft glue, pull the ribbon through until taut and press the moss into the nest.

Step 3. If you’d like to add additional decorations to your nest, tie on your wedding rings to gauge placement and then secure decorations such as plastic eggs, silk flowers and/or feathers with craft glue.


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