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If you have a dream honeymoon in mind, but have no way of realizing that dream short of winning lottery, then you will be pleased to learn about Wanderable, a site that helps couples make beautiful and unique honeymoon registries. A honeymoon registry gives you the freedom to craft your first dream vacation as a married couple! Their mission is to make gift giving meaningful and memorable and we think, their service does just that.

With templates that are easily customizable, in styles ranging from modern to quirky to romantic, Wanderable allows couples to make registries as beautiful and unique as their big day. They seek to add meaning to gift giving, by connecting wedding guests with the opportunity to give the couple a personally selected memorable honeymoon experience. Everyone needs pots and pans, but the memories from the experiences couples register for on Wanderable can last a lifetime – be it snorkeling together in the coral reef gardens of Bora Bora or sharing a beachside sunset dinner in Hawaii.

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For wedding guests who want to add a personal touch to their online gift, they have the option to include a handmade gift box that lists the experience they are gifting with a note to happy couple to open with their wedding gifts. For such a great service, the Wanderable fees are very low- just 2.5% to cover credit card processing and 2.5% to cover their expenses, which is less than the average tax and shipping and handling fees associated with traditional wedding gifts.

To thank your guests for their generous gifts, Wanderable also has a unique mobile app that allows couples to send and track personalized thank-you cards. Couples can even upload photos to create postcards of them completing the experiences they received, which we love! Wanderable will take care of addressing, printing and mailing all the notes and cards so your thank-you’s are done in no time. To craft your personalized honeymoon registry, head on over to Wanderable now and start registering for your future memories.

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