Vendor Guide FAQ

What is the Ruffled Vendor Guide?
Our Guide is a finely curated collection of photographers and wedding vendors servicing every part of the globe. Catering to the modern bride who’s as much in love with creativity as she is with her beaux, our recommended vendors are committed to providing jaw-dropping aesthetics + quality attention to detail. Through member benefits like social media promotion, the Explore page and our Daily Pick feature, our Guide is embedded with additional exposure for your business!

How do you select vendors to be a part of the Vendor Guide?
Our vendors are chosen based on who you would typically see on the front page of Ruffled. They are talented, professional and just the type of person we’d love to grab coffee with. Their work is polished, vibrant, happy and emotion-provoking. They are truly the cream of the crop!

How long do vendor listings stay up?
Vendor Guide listings are for 1 year, and they begin when the page is published.

How can I get more visibility from my listing?
We recommend our vendors utilizing our unique Vendor offerings like the Daily Pick feature, Explore and Rent pages and direct submissions to be considered for our Instagram feed.

What is the Daily Pick feature?
Daily Picks are Members’ submitted front-page features that rotate upon each page refresh. We will choose an image for the feature, and posts are published according to calendar availability. Daily Pick features must be submitted up to a month prior to membership expiration. There are no revisions or edits for these features.

What appears on my Daily Picks feature?
Your feature will include up to 200 words introduction about the company, written by you, so that our readers can hear your voice. This paragraph will be the same as your portfolio page’s business description, and we will select an image from your portfolio to feature.

If I submit to Daily Picks, how long will my feature appear?
Three Daily Pick features appear on each page, and they change with each page refresh. Your feature will remain in the Daily Pick queue for 2-3 weeks each time.

What is Explore?
Our Explore page offers a vendor-exclusive chance to post wedding inspiration and special promos in a Pinterest style feed. Each post links directly back to your website. Great to boost your SEO!

What is Rent?
Rent is a section of Recycle Your Wedding, a targeted audience laser-focused in busying wedding decor. These users are shopping for unique items that could oftenbe rented instead. And that’s where we want our Rental Companies to be! Upload a few items from your inventory or all of them to maximize link backs to your site! Each listing includes one photo, description, price and polices in addition to a direct link to your site and vendor profile. Users can filter by rental category and location to keep it local.

How can I formally submit images to appear on the Ruffled Instagram feed?
We absolutely love showcasing our members’ work! Please submit images with a list of applicable vendors (and their IG handles) to for a chance to be considered. Images should not exceed 2 MB, and the minimum size is 800 px wide. Vertical, color images with sharp contrast are best, and please include any hashtags you’d like us to use. Short videos + Boomerangs are also welcome. Photo selections + captions will be up to Ruffled’s discretion.

Are there special hashtags your Vendors get to use on social media?
Absolutely! We encourage our vendors to use #RuffledVendor across their Instagram posts for a chance at being regrammed.

Can I update my profile page during membership?
Of course! You can upload an unlimited number of photos to your page and have the opportunity to make edits at any time. We are also happy to set your page up for you – just be sure to ask!

Can I update my listing itself?
Definitely! If you wish to update your package, we will simply charge the difference between the upgraded package and the payment you previously made. Your expiration date will remain the same.

How much do listings cost?
Please send an email to if you wish to learn more about our package options and pricing.

Where do listings appear?
Each listing appears in 1 location + 1 category in our Vendor Guide. We are able to include supplementary locations/categories for an additional $100/each. Please email if you wish to inquire about pricing for “All Locations”

I run an online business – what location should I choose?
We have an “Online” location for these vendors in particular, though many online vendors either choose to be listed in the state/country they service most or opt to appear in “All Locations.”

How do you choose what order to display listings?
Members of our Diamond Tier will always be anchored at the top in the Vendor Grid page, as well as their specific location + category. All other vendors will rotate upon each page refresh.

Where can I find my vendor badge?
Please follow this link to see all vendor badges:

Will the links to my site be followed by search engines?
No. We respect Google’s requirement that all paid links use “no-follow” coding. This ensures that neither our site nor yours gets penalized for any perceived SEO rule-breaking.

Is there a specific image size that works best for my profile page?
Please make sure your images are at least 650px wide. You will be able to upload files that are up to 3mb each. Please do not include collages or images with watermarks.

Are renewals automatic?
Though we set up annual recurring payments for efficiency purposes, we will always check with you a few weeks prior to your expiration date to make sure you’d like to renew!

Can I make payments monthly?
Yes! We are happy to accommodate monthly payment plans. But please keep in mind that all contracts are yearly.

How do I pay?
We happily accept credit cards + will send over an invoice when you are ready to sign up.

My listing isn’t getting as many clicks as I want. Can I get a refund?
We cannot guarantee leads, bookings or traffic. However, when you pay for your membership you do receive benefits such as free social media shares – check with your account manager to see what is included in your package!

Do vendors receive discounts on other advertising options?
Absolutely! Vendors will receive an exclusively discounted rate for Sponsored Posts, valid through the first 3 months of membership. Discounted Sponsored Posts may be published over the course of membership except where blackout dates apply, such as Holiday Season (Dec to Jan).
We can also create custom social media campaigns and content creation packages (DIYs and styled shoots). Please email if there are any advertising options in particular you’re interested in.

If my images are shared on social media, who writes the caption?
Though we certainly take requests into consideration, all social media descriptions and images are written and chosen at Ruffled’s discretion.

Are vendors guaranteed features?
Though we love featuring our vendors, we can never guarantee it. We will make sure to expedite replies to our vendors though, because we know how much work goes into each submission! Submissions have to be the right fit for what we’re looking for at the time, but we typically feature weddings + shoots that are colorful + contrasting, tell a visual story and evoke deep emotion. Please see more details on the submission process here.