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Utilize your resources…

Utilize your resources…

Once you have selected your venue it is a good idea to learn exactly what is available to you while there.  Do you have access to chairs, tables, etc… these are the understood questions to ask.  What about details that your venue has that aren’t so common? 

My venue is a little winery just south of Ft. Worth, Texas.  It is not a fancy vineyard with a lot of pretense, but rather a smaller rustic winery with tons of personality and Texas Charm.  One of the things I noticed while perusing their website (I am planning my wedding from Mississippi so that equals a lot of internet based planning) was a picture of a table made out of wine barrels and a board with a table cloth thrown on top. 

Barrel Table

Tables at the Lone Oak Winery in Burleson, TX

I thought to myself, “Self, that would be an awesome addition to the wedding!” It reminded me of  this wedding:

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In the picture with the lemonade you may or may not notice an antique door sitting atop two wine barrels.  It is a small picture, but you can just imagine the antique cracking paint leaving the aging exposed wood… LOVE this idea!  So I called the winery to make sure I could use said wine barrels and they said yes!  Plus I found an antique store where I can purchase an antique door for $30.  I am definitely going to do this.  I think this will become my Poloroid Guestbook table! 

How have you incorporated your venue’s personality into your decoration design?

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