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Tapered Candles

Tapered Candles

Would you like a sneak peak of my centerpieces?

It’s a rough draft, but all the essential elements are there. I have to give HUGE props to my florist, Kelly from Kelly and Co., for finding 3 arrangements worth of pink flowers the week before valentines day – with 1 day notice.

Anyway, I’m really excited about the tapered candles. (They are a bit wonky in the picture – but you get the idea) Those lovelies glammed up the table instantly.  And, as I look for any excuse to go to a thrift store, that’s where I’ve been looking for them.

First the challenges – Don’t even try looking for matching pairs. Out of 7 stores, I found 2 pairs, and they were waaaaay more expensive.  Once I let that go, I had a much better time. The other tough part was the huge range in pricing from store to store. Some were $10, some were $1…

The successes – I found a ton.  And, I found them for cheap. Like, 20 cents cheap.  Yes. That’s right, 20 cents.  Oh, it gets better: It was “half-off” day. Go on a Saturday and those babies are 10 cents.

Not a bad price to spruce up a centerpiece.  Here are some online resources- they aren’t 10 cents, but they match and come in bulk:

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xoxo- jenny

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