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These Stylish Dresses Pair Well With Every Summer Wedding Event

These Stylish Dresses Pair Well With Every Summer Wedding Event

We don’t use the term “must-have” lightly, but as far as these 6 stylish dresses from Dynamite RSVP collection are concerned, we’re hook, line and sinker. Rich colors, clean silhouettes, fun prints – any one of these dress would easily make a bold fashion statement. And we’re betting you have a few special occasions in the pipeline that just might call for such an entrance. Bachelorette parties, bridal showers, friends’ weddings… heck, even your own honeymoon could garner these showstoppers.
shirred strapless maxi dress with floral print
We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to share with you today. And don’t worry – we won’t be shy about how we’d wear them!
1. Pink Shirred Strapless Maxi Dress meets Honeymoon
This floral print maxi dress is nothing short of honeymoon-worthy! What with its strapless bodice, airy skirt and sexy slit, there’s plenty of movement possible as you explore the twisty streets of Santorini or palm-covered pathways in Bali.
shirred strapless maxi dress with floral print
pink flower honeymoon location Europe
Photo by Julia Engel
2. Green Shirred Strapless Maxi Dress meets Bridal Shower
The pink honeymoon stunner’s counterpart, this rich green color has just the right amount of formality for bridal shower oomph. If you’re a bride who’s embracing color at every turn, or simply a guest for this summer soiree, this printed maxi will have everyone begging for more deets on where you found it!
shirred strapless maxi dress with floral print
bridal shower drinks display with floral monogram backdrop
Photo by Hallie Burton
3. V-Front Ruffled Maxi Dress meets Outdoor Black Tie Wedding
We’re going a little bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S) for this floor-length emerald gown. From the ruffled sleeves to the flattering fit, we think it’d be the perfect style for an outdoor wedding in late summer or fall. And not just for guests! We can totally see bridesmaids sporting this elegant gem.
emerald maxi dress with ruffled sleeves
ouotdoor wedding family style reception italy
Photo by Paula O’hara
4. Lace Maxi Dress meets Engagement Photos
We couldn’t help but think this jet black maxi would make a dazzling portrait session look. Offbeat and totally hypnotic, this style brings the drama with its plunging neckline and sheer overskirt.
black dress wedding guest attire
black maxi dress engagement session
Photo by Duke Moose
5. Cross-Back Jacquard Midi Dress meets Wedding Guest
If you’re looking for a dynamic dress for the next wedding on your calendar, then put this cross-back gem in the running! Intricate beading adds to the unique silhouette, and it hits right below the knee for a sophisticated cocktail style.
black cocktail dress
cotton foliage installation tablescape
Photo by Annabelle Hickson
6. Bustier Maxi Dress meets Indoor Black Tie Wedding
This noir beaut looks fresh of the red carpet, don’t ya think? You can’t go wrong with this neutral hue or sophisticated silhouette, so we’d recommend it for your next indoor black tie nuptials!
strapless black dress wedding guest attire
indoor black tie wedding with greenery and chandeliers
Photo by Sarah Falugo
It didn’t take us long to dream up an imaginary fashion show with these pieces, but nothing tops a real one. The best part is that none of these gems will break the bank. So you don’t have to worry about being an outfit repeater at any of the big events on the summer calendar. (Thanks Lizzie McGuire for making us conscious of the important things – ha!) But if you did want to wear them again, these looks transition well with statement accessories, shoes or even a killer ‘do. Shop the full RSVP collection here, and be prepared for a few mirror selfies. Trust us, you’ll want ‘em.
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