Engagement Ring Trends with Platinum Guild International

There are many reasons to choose platinum for your wedding band and engagement ring over any other precious metal. Platinum’s durability and strength are some of the reasons why it’s perfect for wedding rings. You will wear your wedding band and engagement ring on a daily basis for many years to come, you don’t want to worry about the security of your stone or the metal of your rings changing color. Today Platinum Guild International is giving us a little more insight on what makes platinum the best choice for jewelry. They will also be sharing their three favorite trends for engagement rings and fashion jewelry in partnership with international trend forecasting company WGSN – the leader in fashion analysis and forecast.

1. Modern, digital, geometric- modern-looking, with clearly defined shapes

Platinum is a naturally white metal, so it will never fade. Contrary to white gold, which needs to be replated every so often, platinum is the investment metal that pays in the long run. Platinum jewelry is available in a variety of price points with engagement ring settings starting at less than $1000.

2. Raw, textured with an organic look and feel

3. Nature-inspired- pieces that draw design from elements of nature including flowers and wildlife, whimsical and romantic.

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With the highest purity grade of 90% to 95%, platinum is recommended for anyone with allergies to metals. White gold is 58%, yellow gold is 75% and they are both mixed with non precious metals and then rhodium plated. Platinum is a dense metal as well, which means it won’t wear away over time over time. When platinum is scratched, the metal is displaced – the mass is not lost. When gold is scratched, you lose mass. Because of platinum’s density and strength, it makes for the perfect setting to secure diamonds.

Platinum is a versatile metal, ideal for crafting designs of various themes. Due to its malleability and ductility, it is the perfect metal to create intricate and unique designs and its natural whiteness and durability will ensure your jewelry lasts forever. To learn more about platinum and for more platinum engagement rings, visit https://www.preciousplatinum.com.

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