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Our venue

Our venue

Well, I guess this is vintage because the church is old… Ha. Glam? Not so much, except in a simple, less-is-more respect. If we were to have a theme for our wedding day, well, there would be four. Or five, in order of prominence: Nature, Vintage Flair (via fabric touches, heirloom cameos, each bridesmaid reflecting an era or style) , Musical Influence (we’re both musicians), Library Love, and Bikes. Picture all of these counterparts at Blakemore Church of the Nazarene in Nashville, Tennessee. We chose this spot because a mutual best friend, Dana (yes, a woman) is the pastor here and she is letting us use the church grounds for no costs beyond their overhead. You can’t see the first floor space in these photos, but it is one open room, also with lots of windows (read: natural light everywhere in this building), painted a muted robin’s egg blue. It is our reception site, along with the fabric photo booth on the lawn…. but that’s another post in and of itself. ; )

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