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Old Lady Costume Jewelry? Yes, Please!

Old Lady Costume Jewelry? Yes, Please!

I was recently given an 11 gallon plastic tub, filled to the brim with vintage costume jewelry.  Does that sound like a lot? Well, it is.

See? Told you. I’ve spent the last two weekends looking through this gigantic box, pulling apart piles of beaded necklaces, sifting through unmatched earrings, and pouring over watches, bracelets, shoe clips, broaches, etc. It’s been a good two weekends.  There’s been some amazing pieces -  a 3-strand gold necklace with a locket!

But, if you’re like me, the bad stuff is just as exciting to find. There are no words to describe some of these pieces. Here are some samples:

the medallion is about the size of my fist!

What a fabulous woman the owner of this box must have been! She must have been absolutely dripping with accessories on a daily basis to accumulate so much jewelry! (Side Note: If you have the time, read the book “Eccentric Glamour,” by Simon Doonan. It seems like there should be a picture of this woman on the cover!)

So, my question is this:  What are some creative ways to use these pieces?

I mean, there’s a ton of usable beads. There must be 20 strands of faux pearls.  “Waste not, want not,” right? I’m thinking of embellishing a plain clutch with some of the gems (pun intended)  for my wedding day.  Or maybe wrapping the bouquet in one of strands of “pearls.”

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What do you think? I could definitely use some help here!

xoxo – jenny

P.S. a BIG thank you to Emily and the Brogan Family for this amazing treasure chest!

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