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Make Some Noise!

Make Some Noise!

As you bid adieu to guests the night of the big event you want to exit with a hoorah! Might I suggest including vintage noisemakers as a party favor? 

I found these adorable tin noisemakers on Etsy from Ricracandbuttons:



Also on Etsy, I found these custom party noisemakers from StoriaHome. You give her your colors and she’ll create these for you!

A box of four of the above, is $6.00!

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And finally, the gift that every parent dreads, kazoos!  Hand out a vintage style tin kazoo to each guest and let them hum you and your honey away!

The kazoo is said to have been invented by a man named Alabama Vest in Macon, Georgia and was first publicized at the Georgia State Fair in 1852, according to Wikipedia. I’m imagining a scene like so…

Tiny Toy Arcade sells them for $2.48 a piece:–p-249.html

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