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Honey {please} do!

Honey {please} do!

So, as I have mentioned… I am quite taken with craftiness and all things handmade.   My fiance lovingly tolerates all my crafty chaos even if he doesn’t totally get it.  However, as I mentioned in my last post, he is quite handy in his own way.  He does carpentry work.  So I am slowly making lists of little projects that I have been planning for him.  Now, I understand that he will probably be less than enthusiastic about DIY invitations, or brooches or anything that has to do with fabric…  but he loves wood. 

I have been perusing the blogishpere for darling details that include handmade wooden pieces.  And while I am pretty sure we won’t go so far as this:

Awesome Decor!


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Wooden Decor

Although I LOVE these images (taken from OnceWed) I think he would look at me and laugh!  Mostly because of the shear hours this would take and the thought of who (out of our families) would have to put up and later break down these lovelies! 

So, sigh, I move on to my more “resonable” requests for darling husband-to-be.  I love the old wood, tattered looking wedding directional signs!  I think that he might even enjoy this process. 
Wooden Wedding Sign
Wooden Wedding Sign
Or perhaps a lovely wooden crate to store programs:
I know that it probably won’t have exactly the same look, but it will have a similar feel and I like that!  Plus how can a Texas girl pass up a picture with a girl in cowboy boots and a dress? 
Have you assigned any DIY tasks to your fiance? 
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