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Surprise Bridesmaid Gifts with Golden Tote!

Surprise Bridesmaid Gifts with Golden Tote!

Let us introduce you to our latest obsession: Golden Tote. If you’re not familiar with it yet, lemme just say this is an addicting, giddyness-inducing way to shop and gift. For starters, is a monthly clothing flash-sale shop that sends you a personally curated tote bag filled with the latest trends. It’s the ultimate fashion mystery grab bag packaged in a pretty tote.

Golden Tote August 2014

The first Monday of every month, Golden Tote releases a new . There are two tote sizes to choose from; a small one for $49 that includes 2-3 items, and a large one for $149 that includes 6-7 items.

Here’s what I picked for my large August tote, and what the surprise items were:

How it works: you pick a tote size. Depending on the size you choose, you start out making your first picks. For the large tote, you choose two items from the site. These items will be included in your tote and will be the starting point of your mystery items. Then you choose a style board, and the stylists will ask you to note in your order if there’s anything you don’t wear, like no purple clothing or no cargo shorts. Fill out your size for all types of clothing and wait a few days for the tote to land at your doorstep. While picking out the two pieces you really love is a whole lot of fun the real excitement starts when you open up your package to find items that you love but maybe never would have thought to try on.

These totes are such unique bridesmaid gift ideas – you can pick a tote size and let ‘s stylists curate a selection of clothing for each of your girls. All you need to let them know is what size each girl wears. We each got a tote, and each one of us selected different items and got completely different mystery pieces that we all love! Their stylists hit the nail on the head on every order. The best part of giving your bridesmaids a Golden Tote is that you can mail each tote to their own addresses. No need to ship all of them to your house then ship them again to each girl.

When this month’s tote arrived at our door the suspense of finding new and lovely clothes was thrilling and addicting. It’s like having your own personal stylist shop you unique finds for the season. Who could say no to that?

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Step out this August wearing the . We are loving the black and ivory tucked into a high-waisted skirt and pair with a slim animal print belt for chic bachelorette party look or date night with your beau. For good measure, grab it in coral as well and you’ve got yourself a sweet splash of color perfect for bridal showers. The cobalt blue is a stunner. It’s so perfectly versatile you can wear this to just about any event. We envision wearing ours to an engagement party set in an urban loft or a wedding hosted in an art gallery.

Golden Tote also offers a stocked with jewelry, scarves and even more stylish outfits that you can order as you want them, or add to your tote. Another reason this the ultimate fashion grab bag is that when you order your next tote, you don’t need to worry about receiving repeat items!

Hurry over to to grab the August collection – we can honestly say we are totally smitten with ours!

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