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30 Dogs of Honor That Did A Very Good Job Indeed

30 Dogs of Honor That Did A Very Good Job Indeed

golden retriever puppy wedding guest

Let’s get one thing straight. Dogs in general are pretty sensational. Now, dogs of honor are another breed entirely (ha!) These good boys and girls are not just there for the cuddles. They’re keeping a weather eye out to make sure their best friend’s day is as special as can be. And we praise them for it! So here are some furry friends that are too doggone cute.

golden retriever puppy wedding guest

Photo: Andrew Mark

golden retriever wedding guests with flower wreaths
Photo: AJ Dunlap

It should come as no surprise that goldendoodles are in this mix. They’re equal parts floof and fab and make for some pretty great photos. And emotional support for all the weepy guests that can’t contain their joy!

boxer dogs of honor with bandanas
Photo: Apryl Ann

grey dog of honor
Photo: Carmen Santorelli

dogs in floral wreaths wedding guest
Photo: Rebecca Yale

dogs in weddings boston terriers
Photo: Justine Milton

There’s a spectrum of styles in this dapper collection of canines. Sporting bow ties, floral wreaths, even a few suits, they all look very handsome indeed.

cockapoo wedding dog of honor
Photo: Clay Austin

maltese with flower wreath dog of honor
Photo: Austin Gros

dog tux wedding guest
Photo: Analee Media

golden retriever puppy wedding guest
Photo: Cassidy Carson

floral wreath dog of honor poodle
Photo: Emily Ann Hughes

weimerener wedding guest with greenery wreath
Photo: Calyton Austin

Ahhh look at this happy little chap! He practically blends with the greenery-clad decor, and tbh, he’s probably about to get very lucky with some sympathetic wedding guests at the table. Bon appetit, mon cherie.

tartan bow tie wedding dog of honor
Photo: John Elphinstone

dog of honor flower wreath
Photo: Emily Wren

dogs in weddings
Photo: Feather and Twine Photography

west wedding dog with suit
Photo: Erin Stubblefield

floral wreath dog of honor spaniel

Photo: Hannah Duffy Photography

floral wreath dog of honor

Photo: Feather and Stone Photography

Well this one sure knows how to pose! We’re guessing it’s not his first rodeo. What a clever boy.

Newfoundland dog wedding guest

Photo Sarah Carpenter Photography

westie dog of honor with greenery garland

Photo: Greg Finck

yorkie wedding guest

Photo: Jacqui Cole

golden retriever puppy with bow ribbon wedding guest

Photo: Melissa Wilson Photography

ALL THE FEELS for this sweet angel that dropped down straight from the pearly gates. We love that they didnt’ choose between a ribbon bow or flower adornment.

dog of honor fluffy golden doodle

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border collie wedding dog of honor

Photo: Peach Plum Pear Photo

corgi dog of honor with bow tie

Photo: Natalie Franke

wedding dogs with suits yorkies

Photo: The Evoke Company

Darling, just darling! These yorkies came dressed to the nines in their silky black suits.

Australian shepherd dog of honor with flower wreath

Photo Sun and Sparrow Photography

dachshund dog of honor with flower wreath

Photo: Julie Paisley Photography

This one’s probably wondering where his promised puppiccino is at. And yes, he deserves it!

lhasa ahpsa dog of honor with striped bow tie

Photo: Whitney Heard

The sweetest dog of honor in stoic majesticness. He learned the definition of formal before this fine event, like any good boy would.

With pups like these to smile about, it’s not a ruff life. And I don’t know about you, but they have the power to make a Monday extra bright. So if you have a playful pooch like one of these, give them an extra cuddle for us. We’d love to hear how you plan to get them involved in your big day!

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