Couples Resorts Honeymoon Giveaway!

Who’s interested in a week long honeymoon in Barbados? I highly recommend entering this Pinterest contest from Couples Resort, in which 1 lucky couple will receive a complimentary seven night stay at Couples Barbados, valued at $6720. Read on for the details, then start pinning for your chance to win!

jamaica couples resort
jamaica couples resort
jamaica couples resort

How to enter:
1. Create a Pinterest account
2. Follow the Couple Pinterest channel and click “Follow All”
3. Create your Board: Click Add+ on top right corner and select “Create a Board”
a. Name your board “My Dream Couples Resorts Honeymoon”
b. Choose the “Wedding” category
c. Click “Create Board”
4. Re-pin 5 photos from the Couples Resorts gallery that inspire you. Then pin up to 15 other photos to your board that represent your dream honeymoon —from that perfect farewell outfit, swimsuits to enjoy beach side, activities you’d like to do, and all the other beautiful and fun images you can find on Pinterest!
5. Once your board is complete, submit your board on the app on the Couples Facebook page. (Please submit onluy once.)

jamaica couples resort
jamaica couples resort
jamaica couples resort

All boards must be submitted by midnight April 30th, 2013. The lucky winner will be announced on their Facebook Page and Couples Message Board at at 2 p.m. EST on May 1! Happy pinning + good luck winning an exotic dream honeymoon!

please click here for full terms & conditions.

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