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7 Things To Consider When Shopping For An Engagement Ring

7 Things To Consider When Shopping For An Engagement Ring

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Unbiased opinion, engagement rings are the shiz. We can fall down a rabbit hole for hours admiring their beauty in all shapes + sizes! Exhibit A. But how do you even begin to pare down your wish list to a single ring that’s right for you? We partnered with Macy’s to show off their Star Signature Diamond collection – a diamond as versatile as they come, with a whole lotta sparkle to spare. Which is what happens when you have 73 facets of brilliantly-cut goodness!
Ruffled Macys Engagement Ring 001
Pictured here is their famous solitaire, though as a whole, the Star Signature Collection has variety of styles for days. We’re talking trinities, halos and even garland clusters! But beyond all the pretty is skill, thoughtfulness and purpose. That’s what takes a diamond ring from eye candy to lifelong promise.
solitaire engagement ring and handmade wooden ring box
So here are just a few of the things to be on the lookout for as you and your partner shop for potential rings together!
The 4 C’s:

  • Cut: Refers to the overall beauty + aesthetic of the stone; you’re looking at how the light refracts through the facets to create that magic sparkle.
  • Clarity: Diamonds will often include small cracks, foreign crystals or “inclusions” that occur before it’s ever fully formed. Everything from the quantity to the location to the visibility will affect the clarity grade.
  • Color: The lesser the color, the higher the value!
  • Carat: The most obvious C to spot with the naked eye, carat refers to the weight of the diamond

More details on the 4 C’s here!
Ruffled Macys Engagement Ring 003
Style: There are endless styles to choose from! Think about your current wardrobe + interests to get a better feel for what’s more you, and take practicality into consideration. How do you spend most of your days + how will the ring you’re looking at affect that? Pictured here is a classic Solitaire diamond, and it doesn’t get more practical than this! Simultaneous function + beauty.
Metal: Take your current wardrobe and jewelry collection into consideration, and go from there! This particular ring pictured comes in gold and white gold, for example.
solitaire engagement ring and vintage velvet ring box
Sustainability: Socially-conscious couples may want to consider diamonds that are ethical and conflict-free. This basically means that the diamond was harvested with the environment in mind, the miners were treated to fair wages + safe working conditions, etc. And the best news is, the Star Signature checks out in this regard!
solitaire engagement ring and handmade wooden ring box
Ring Size: You may want to slip this snippet into your fiance-to-be’s line of sight 😉 How do you discreetly figure out the ring size? One easy way is to trace one of the rings she currently owns onto a sheet of paper! If the ring size you need isn’t available online, Macy’s even has a Worry No More program that includes custom ring sizing
solitaire engagement ring and vintage velvet ring box
Certifications: It’s always nice to have confirmation that a decision as big as this one is packed with some seroius value. Do some research on the certifications behind the diamond before moving forward to make sure the quality is in check. The round Macy’s Star Signature Diamond is the first 73-facet round diamond in the USA ever to receive a Very Good cut grade from IIDGR, for example!
solitaire engagement ring and vintage velvet ring box
Insurance: No one wants to think about the possibility of losing something as precious as an engagement ring. Or having it stolen! But the reality is, having a financial protection plan in place will provide a bit of a cushion if the unthinkable ever does happen.
solitaire engagement ring and vintage velvet ring box
Now that you know what to look for, check out the full collection of Macy’s Star Signature Diamonds here. The biggest leaders in the industry, De Beers and Kiran Gems, joined Macy’s to make this collection happen, and whether you #FrostYourself with this special cut, gift it to a friend (cue necklaces + earrings) or let it grace your ring finger forever, it’s sure to make some hearts sing.

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