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Wedding Republic

Wedding Republic

If you’re looking beyond the traditional registry, Wedding Republic is for you. With them you can register for experiences and unique things you may need more than another set of towels, like help put a down payment towards a house, help with your dream honeymoon and even mix charity with a few things you’d like to receive. Guests can give group gifts for those big ticket items, and setting up your registry is super easy. You can do it from your couch, laptop in hand and future one sitting right next to you. It will probably be one of the easiest planning tasks you will have to do for your wedding.

You can customize your registry down to the images of the gifts you need. You can even get creative and take photos of yourselves to illustrate whatever you’re registering for 🙂

Creating your registry is easy, just add items from a gallery of gift suggestions or add your own gift ideas. Every gift is customizable, so you can add your own price and description, giving it that personal touch your guests will love. With Wedding Republic’s signature puzzle piece feature, you can break apart expensive gifts, say your trip to Italy, into smaller, affordable pieces so guests can each contribute to a portion of the trip. You can find out how it works right here.

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Check out a registry example before you get started on your own!

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