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Build Your Own Tuxedo App

Build Your Own Tuxedo App

There’s nothing quite as dapper as a men in a tux, and today we’re deciphering the essentials of black tie for the guys. Jim’s Formal Wear, the largest rental company in the world, just launched a FREE Tux Builder app for the iPhone and iPad. You will be able to mix and match items to build your own look. Upload a photo of yourself for a true sense of what you will look like on your wedding day. Share the image with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a decision involving many, after all 🙂

You can also browse their huge inventory with over 50 tuxedo styles to choose from. You will also find designer brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Once you have selected your look, be sure to visit in person one of their retailers near you to be professionally fitted for the best fit and best look possible. With over 5000 retailers locations, there may be one right around the corner!

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Black Tie Anatomy:

Neckwear: black (duh) bow tie or long tie, in silk
Pocket Square: silk or linen white handkerchief
Shirt: white tuxedo shirts must have pleats and French cuffs
Lapels: shawl, peaked or notched for a more modern look
Buttons: Tuxedo jackets generally have just one button and are typically single breasted, colors can be black or midnight blue
Cufflinks: traditional materials such as gold, silver or mother-of-pearl
Trousers: same fabric as jacket, must have single braid along outside seams to match lapels, always black
Shoes: black patent leather or polished black leather shoes
Optional: vest, cummerbund or suspenders

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The hot weather alternative is a white dinner jacket instead of black. The only difference is in the jacket color, which can be white (modern, less formal) or ivory, but the shirt is always white regardless of the jacket!

With The Tuxedo Builder, you can also create different looks for all of the men in your bridal party – including your dads. After everyone has chosen their looks, each can go to a retail store near them to try them on – no sweat if your groomsmen are spread across the country. Check out The Tuxedo Builder and start building your look!

Tuxedo images from GQ

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