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Here’s How You Can Book All Your Wedding Rentals In One Click

Here’s How You Can Book All Your Wedding Rentals In One Click

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Long gone are the days you’re limited by location. Technology is bringing us together in a way that’s so crazy innovative, it seems too good to be true. These days we’re able to watch New York Bridal Fashion Week like we’re in the front row, let loved ones who can’t travel bear witness to our destination wedding ceremonies and yep… rent specialty tabletop, furniture and decor pieces for your wedding with the click of a button. The service I’m referring to connects thousands of brick + mortar rental companies across the US (and their impressive inventories!) with real couples like yourself. The name? Wed Rentals. The benefit? Side by side comparisons of rentals in your area in one, easy to visualize place AND the seamless process of booking everything wedding rentals via one platform. Whether you’re going the DIY route or working alongside a wedding planner, Wed Rentals consolidates your search for all rentals you’ll need across multiple rental vendors.

Together, we can say sayonara to those overwhelming 1000-thread email chains and an almost serial killer level spreadsheet mapping out the different rental options across companies. We see you Wed Rentals! You’ve made breathing in and out a thing again. And in a way that gives couples a much more comprehensive scope of the options available to them! What do I mean? One of the most effective ways to create a wedding that up levels to an immersive experience is to have intentionality with the details. Decor is strongest when it boasts both form and function, and when you’re able to say “the {rental} world is my oyster”, you KNOW a rental service that offers it all can change it all. 

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So let’s talk about some of the ways you can build upon your own individual story throughout your wedding design using the right rentals as a solid foundation. Because isn’t your story what it’s all about? 

Here are 5 Ways To Tell Your Own Story Through Your Wedding Decor


Man, do we love a good ceremony backdrop. These days, it’s so easy to create something unique whether it be innovative florals or custom graphics suspended from a copper arch. Don’t even get us started on how many cool ready made backdrops are at your disposal too, like this aptly named Bohemian Rhapsody piece with celestial-meets-boho vibes. 

Couples who take advantage of creative wedding backdrops that highlight their color palette, floral loves, texture passions and more create thoughtful elements their guests will remember forever. Perhaps they suspend calligraphed lyrics to the song they first fell in love to or maybe they want to highlight cool rope textures because their first date involved sailing. See what we mean? 

Escort Card Display or Seating Chart

Now we’re talking! We’ve got a penchant for punny signage and clever seating charts that play on the couple’s interests. Throw Russian dolls on a bookshelf or stack maple syrup jars artistically across a table in varying heights. Suspend paper house luminaries from a modern arbor or create a themed vignette like this. Get the picture? Seating charts are probably where we see creativity at its peak in wedding design, and with so many different rental options for your foundation, you might just have a hard time choosing a favorite. 

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Specialty Lounges

Wedding lounges are always a crowd-pleaser, but especially when they’re eye candy that’s also well-stocked. When considering how you’ll build your reception lounges, think about how you might have some fun with it by giving your guests conversation starters or a chance to interact. Maybe you and your partner share a passion for stargazing – why not provide some materials at one of your lounges so your guests can do just that! Provide signage to clue them in and share some background on why you love it and why it’s there. 

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Dessert stations

Did someone say s’mores bar? Dessert stations are another great way to get your guests interacting with all the excitement. And like the drinks station idea, they’re another easy win! You could even double a dessert display as a favors table – maybe you package your goodies in miniature boxes that feature your custom wedding crest or pattern that first showed up in the paper goods! The possibilities are endless. 

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Welcome Station

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An excellent way to set the mood from the start is to have a welcome station for guests to grab a beverage from upon arrival. Be it a warm weather weekend where lemonade does the trick or a cooler affair where a hot cocoa display is in order, your guests will be thankful for the consideration of their needs. And it’s also a wonderful opportunity to play up your personality. If you’re a botanist by trade, maybe this would be a good place to serve some refreshing Belvoir elderflower. Or maybe you met your SO in middle school when Fanta was all the rage. Don’t feel like you have to stick to the classic iced water or bubbly routine. Shake it up and make it yours!  

Once you decide what you’ll serve, start thinking about how you’ll serve it. This is a great place to consider a renting a specialty table, bar or bookshelf – not to mention cool glassware and other elements for pouring or presenting.

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We could go on for hours about the subject, but we’ll spare you that diatribe. Truth is, the beauty is in the ideas you create yourself. So ask the hard questions that get you to dig deep in your personal past, your family traditions and your love story together… then start exploring what rental options are available to you to help you make that happen! 

Now that you’re on the edge of your seat, let me tell you how Wed Rentals streamlines this process. Through a quick location filtered search, you can simply find the pieces you like, cross-check the availability with your dates, reserve and then have your order delivered or transport it yourself. You know it – in the age of apps, this kind of speed is a game changer. While Wed Rentals is based primarily in Utah at the moment, they’re branching out into cities across the US in partnership with local rental vendors there. See why we we’re already obsessed?

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If your head isn’t spinning with ideas yet, then give this post about 2020 wedding trends a read. And then get to picking those rentals that’ll help you get one step closer to your own vision! 

Video by Jefferson Astle Photography

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Photography: Katelyn Bell Photo and Shalese Deseray Photography
Videography: Jefferson Astle Photography
Floral Design: Gracefully Bloomed
Models: Aubrey and Calin Hills
Rentals: Utah Vintage Rentals via Wed Rentals

This post was sponsored by Wed Rentals . All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors! 

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