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Shop for Wedding Gifts + Unique Finds at Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning is the perfect place to start decorating your home as a newlywed. The aisles are stocked with everyday household essentials like kitchen gadgets, cookware, pretty baskets and lamps. You’ll spot gorgeous accent pieces that complete a room or the perfect cake stand for the bridal shower brunch you’re hosting. Tuesday Morning is every treasure hunters dream. If you find something you love you had better grab it now – this store keeps its costs low by constantly stocking fresh items. While the shelves are ever-changing, the quality is always A-level and the style is modern and on-trend. Specializing in both domestic and international closeouts, you’ll find a range of medium to high end name brands. One of the best parts of shopping at Tuesday Morning is each store carries different products. The more you shop, the more deals you will discover.

Tuesday Morning store for wedding gifts

Tuesday Morning store for wedding gifts

The amazing selection of home decor and entertaining pieces combined with blowout prices makes it easy to put the final touches on your home or throw an amazing summer celebration! Browsing the aisles of Tuesday Morning you’ll be inspired to create an elegant tabletop to host your future in-laws. Or maybe the bright colored ceramics will bring visions of Labor Day BBQ’s to mind. We found ourselves completely enamored with the variety of lovely little pieces that would make a great bridesmaids gift! Stock up on great gifts, home furnishings and decorations or luggage for your honeymoon. Below are some of the goodies I got; two photo frames for my bookcase, one for $4.99 (orig. $12.99), one for $7.99 (orig. $14.99) and a water hyacinth basket for $7.99 (orig $19.99!)

Tuesday Morning has a really unique culture and vibe. Many shoppers share their experiences and gather inspiration from others on the Tuesday Morning Facebook page or find unique ideas through their Pinterest account! What unique treasures have you discovered recently? Share your latest find with other treasure hunters!

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