Entry #17: DIY Doily Votives

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Allie made these vintage-y lace votives:

DIY Doily Votives

I got my heart set on filled votives, which are generally more expensive than regular glass holders with separate votive candles, but I found a great deal on eBay. The shipping was almost as much as the candles themselves, but the candles were so inexpensive, I only spent $5 more on them than I would’ve spent for regular holders/candles on the least expensive source I could find. When they arrived, it was obvious why the shipping cost a fortune — the box was even heavier than I expected.

DIY Doily Votives

I didn’t have any vintage lace on hand, and couldn’t find much online that I liked, so I just found some pretty ivory lace from JoAnn Fabrics. With a few errors, I cut the lace down to size while my mom started assembling. We went the easy route and hot glued the lace on. I can’t imagine stitching them, especially with lace that doesn’t have any solid sections. (My mom probably won’t love this photo, but she looks very serious, doesn’t she?)

DIY Doily Votives


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