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When I was registering for gifts, I remember thinking that I wish I could register at 100 different stores so that my husband and I could get the variety of useful items we knew we wanted and not feel limited by the constraints of one or two stores. Well, the modern world has finally caught up to our needs, because one of our sponsors, Zankyou, provides an amazing registry service that’s much like registering at way more than 100 stores. With Zankyou, the world is your registry oyster because your guests’ cash donations can be contributed to nearly anything in the world. You can register for fancy meals, honeymoon excursions, espresso machines, travel, you name it! You can even use your Zankyou registry to make donations to your favorite charity.

honeymoon wedding registry

From Kristen of Zankyou: Zankyou is the ultimate flexible, international, and eco-friendly cash wedding registry. Couples can create the registry of their dreams, adding absolutely anything to their wish list. Include your honeymoon, household items, a dream project, new home or charitable donation, and your guests can make contributions toward the things you really want. Zankyou was established in 2007 in Europe, and more than 2.5 million couples have used our site to plan their weddings. Our outstanding service arrived in the U.S. in 2010, and we’re now the fastest-growing wedding registry in the country.

zankyou wedding registry

Zankyou has the lowest rates on the market. We charge just 2.85% per transaction, while other cash wedding registries charge 7-10%. The best part? You can defer this small handling fee to your guests, making our service absolutely free! Zankyou transfers your funds directly to your bank account at your request, and there’s no limit to the amount of transfers you can receive.

In addition to our registry service, couples can create a free wedding webpage with unlimited photos and video, a guest list, seating chart, RSVP option and more. Our privacy settings and online features are second to none. Over at our blog, we keep couples up-to-date on the latest wedding trends, and our online experts answer your questions in our online forum. Zankyou is the next generation of gift giving. After all, your future together doesn’t have limitations – why should your wedding registry?

Just perusing through Zankyou’s online magazine, I found a lot of good tips and articles. It’s a really impressive site with much more than just registry options, so head on over and check it out!

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  • Why does their ad on Ruffled say they are free when they charge 2.85%?

    Also, do they accept credit cards?

  • Hi Bethany,
    Kristen here from Zankyou. Great question! Our couples can choose whether they’d like to absorb the 2.85% fee themselves, or if they’d like to defer it to their guests.

    For example, if a guest gives $100, couples can pay our small handling fee themselves and receive $97.15. Alternatively, they can defer the fee to their guests. So the guest giving $100 will be charged the small handling fee, making the total $102.85. Most of our couples choose this option, as guests would ordinarily pay more on things like shipping, tax, or even gift wrap on a traditional gift. This makes it absolutely free for the couple.

    Most other cash wedding registries charge 7-10% per contribution, and don’t offer the option to defer the fee, so Zankyou truly is the best deal on the market! 🙂

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Do you accept credit cards from gift givers?

    Also, just to confirm – there is a fee (so it’s not free) it is just a question of who pays the fee?


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