As someone who has felt limited by store-specific wedding registries, there’s something about universal gift registries I find appealing. Zankyou is a service that allows you to add items to your registry from innumerable sources, or to get that extra bit of help in planning your dream honeymoon! Best of all, Zankyou‘s rates are some of the lowest on the market.

Zankyou is an online cash wedding registry service that provides freedom and flexibility to couples. List the gifts of your dreams, get your guests to contribute and Zankyou will transfer the cash to your regular bank account.

Ideal for couples who have everything, those planning a honeymoon, those who don’t want to be carrying physical items from one side of the country to the next and those who want to combine lots of different gifts, including experiences that you can’t register for at a department store!

Zankyou is available in 6 languages – designed for couples with guests coming from abroad. Zankyou’s rates are also among the lowest on the market. The service can even be free if your guest pays for the handling fee. For more info on Zankyou’s competitive advantages, press, and why you should register with Zankyou, you can check out 6 reasons for choosing Zankyou.

Images from Country Living